My Library - Nelson through Quinn

Nazarian, Vera

Qualify, The Atlantis Grail 1, Kindle

Nimoy,  Leonard

I am not Spock, Del Rey, First Ballantine Books edition: July 1977, 0-345-25719-7, Non SF, pb

Niven,  Larry

w/ Dean Ing,  S. M. Stirling & Jerry Pournelle, The Man-Kzin Wars II, Baen, First printing,  August 1989, 0-671-69833-8, Collection, pb
Protector, Del Rey, Eighth printing,  March 1981, 0-345-29302-9, pb
The Shape of Space, Ballantine, First printing,  September 1969, 345-01712, Collection, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle, The Mote in God's Eye, Pocket Books, 3rd printing - January 1976, 0-671-80107-4, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle, Oath of Fealty, Pocket Books, First printing,  August 1982, 0-671-82802-9, pb
Tales of Known Space, Ballantine, First printing,  August 1975, 0-345-24563-6, Collection, pb
World of Ptavvs, Ballantine, Fourth printing: September 1975, 0-345-24591-1, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle, The Burning City, Pocket, First printing,  March 2000, 0-671-03660-2, hc
w/ Dean Ing & Poul Anderson, The Man-Kzin Wars, Baen, First printing,  June 1988, 0-671-65411-X, Collection, pb
w/ Steven Barnes, California Voodoo Game, Del Rey, First printing: February 1993, 0-345-38148-3, A Dream Park Novel, pb
The Integral Trees, Del Rey, First edition: March 1984, 0-345-31270-8, hc
w/ Jerry Pournelle, The Gripping Hand, Pocket Books, First printing,  January 1994, 0-671-79574-0, pb
w/ Steven Barnes, The Barsoom Project, Ace, Ace edition / September 1989, 0-441-16712-8, Sequel to Dream Park, pb
w/ Steven Barnes, Achille's Choice, Tor, First mass market printing: April 1992, 0-812-51083-6, pb
Destiny's Road, Tor, First mass market printing: May 1998, 0-812-51106-9, pb
The Magic Goes Away, Ace, Eighth printing / November 1984, 0-441-51553-3, Anthology Cover by Vallejo, pb
The Magic May Return, Ace, First Ace mass market printing / April 1981, 0-441-51549-5, Anthology, pb
The Ringworld Engineers, Holt Rinehart Winston, Book Club Edition, hc
A World Out of Time, Holt Rinehart Winston, Book Club Edition, 2 copies, hc
All the Myriad Ways, Ballantine, Second printing,  December 1975, 0-345-24084-7, Collection, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle,  Poul Anderson,  S.M. Stirling, Man-Kzin Wars III, Baen, First printing: August 1990, 0-671-72008-2, Shared World Anthology, pb
Convergent Series, Del Rey, First edition: March 1979, 0-345-27740-6, Collection, pb
The Flight of the Horse, Del Rey, Sixth printing: November 1978, 0-345-27549-7, Collection, pb
The Long Arm of Gil Hamilton, Del Rey, Third printing: August 1978, 0-345-28038-5, Collection, pb
A Gift from Earth, Del Rey, Fourth printing: June 1975, 0-345-24509-1, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle, Footfall, Del Rey, First mass market edition: May 1986, 0-345-32344-0, pb
w/ Jerry Pournelle, Lucifer's Hammer, Fawcett, 1977, 0-449-23599-8, pb
w/ Steven Barnes, The Descent of Anansi, Tor, First printing,  September 1982, 0-523-48542-5, pb
w/ Steven Barnes, Dream Park, Ace, First mass market edition: May 1982, 0-441-16727-6, pb
Limits, Del Rey, Book Club Edition, Collection, hc

Noel,  Atanielle Annyn

Speaker to Heaven, Baen, First Baen printing,  May 1988, 0-671-65406-3, pb
Murder on Usher's Planet, Avon, First Avon printing,  April 1987, 0-380-75012-0, pb
The Duchess of Kneedeep, Avon, First Avon printing,  March 1986, 0-380-89917-5, pb

Nolan,  William F.

Logan's Search, Bantam, A Bantam Book / October 1980, 0-553-13805-7, pb
w/ George Clayton Johnson, Logan's Run, Bantam, Bantam edition / May 1976, 553-02517, Movie Tie in, pb

Norman,  John

Kajira of Gor, DAW #520, First printing,  March 1983, 0-87997-807-4, Gor #19, pb
The Chieftain, Questar, First printing,  September 1991, 0-446-36149-6, The Telnarian Histories #1, pb
Savages of Gor, DAW #472, 1981, 0-87997-715-9, Gor #17, pb
Magicians of Gor, DAW #746, First printing,  June 1988, 0-88677-279-6, Gor #25, pb
Vagabonds of Gor, DAW #701, First printing,  March 1987, 0-88677-188-9, Gor #24, pb
Players of Gor, DAW #568, First printing,  March 1984, 0-87997-914-3, Gor #20, pb
Mercenaries of Gor, DAW #617, First printing,  March 1985, 0-88677-018-1, Gor #21, pb
Dancer of Gor, DAW #650, First printing,  November 1985, 0-88677-100-5, Gor #22, pb
Renegades of Gor, DAW #664, First printing,  March 1986, 0-88677-112-9, Gor #23, pb
Blood Brothers of Gor, DAW #504, First printing,  November 1982, 0-87997-777-9, Gor #18, pb
Fighting Slave of Gor, DAW #376, 1979, 0-87997-522-9, Gor #14, pb
Hunters of Gor, DAW #096, 1973, 0-87997-102-9, Gor #8, pb
Marauders of Gor, DAW #141, 1974, 0-87997-160-6, Gor #9, pb
Time Slave, DAW #169, 1975, 0-87997-204-1, pb
Tribesmen of Gor, DAW #185, 1975, 0-87997-223-8, Gor #10, pb
Slave Girl of Gor, DAW #232, 1976, 0-87997-285-8, Gor #11, pb
Beasts of Gor, DAW #280, 1977, 0-87997-363-3, Gor #12, pb
Captive of Gor, Ballantine, First Printing: December 1972, 0-345-02994-1, Gor #7, pb
Ghost Dance, DAW UE1633, First Daw printing,  November 1979, 0-87997-633-0, pb
Outlaw of Gor, Ballantine, First edition: December 1967, U6072, Gor #2, pb
Assassin of Gor, Ballantine, Third printing: December 1972, 0-345-02489-3, Gor #5, pb
Nomads of Gor, Ballantine, Second printing: December 1971, 0-345-02488-5, Gor #4, pb
Explorers of Gor, DAW #328, 1978, 0-87997-449-4, Gor #13, pb
Priest-Kings of Gor, Ballantine, Third printing: December 1971, 0-345-02487-7, Gor #3, pb
Rogue of Gor, DAW #424, 1980, 0-87997-602-0, Gor #15, pb
Tarnsman of Gor, Ballantine, Third printing: December 1971, 0-345-02485-0, Gor #1, pb
Raiders of Gor, Ballantine, Fifth U.S. printing,  February,  1974, 0-345-22447-7, Gor #6, pb
Guardsman of Gor, DAW #456, 1981, 0-87997-664-0, Gor #16, pb

Norman,  Lisanne

Dark Nadir, DAW #1115, First printing,  March 1999, 0-88677-829-8, Sholan Alliance #5, pb
Fire Margins, DAW #1039, First printing,  November 1996, 0-88677-718-6, Sholan Alliance #3, pb
Turning Point, DAW #936, First printing,  December 1993, 0-88677-575-2, Sholan Alliance #1, pb
Fortune's Wheel, DAW #996, First printing,  August 1995, 0-88677-675-9, Sholan Alliance #2, pb

Norton,  Andre

Iron Cage, Viking, Book Club Edition, hc
The Beast Master, Fawcett, 0-449-23637-4, pb, Nook
Beast Master's Circus, Nook
w/ Mercedes Lackey, Elvenbane, Tor, First mass market edition: April 1993, 0-812-51175-1, pb
The Last Planet, Ace, 1965, F-366, $3.00, pb
Judgement on Janus, Ace, 1964, F-308, $4.50, pb
Key Out of Time, Ace, 1964, F-287, $4.50, pb, Nook
Dark Piper, Ace, Reprint, 441-13796, pb
The Crossroads of Time, Ace, 1965, F-391, $4.50, pb, Nook
Garan the Eternal, DAW #045, 1972, 0-87997-045-6, pb
Here Abide Monsters, DAW #121, 1st Printing,  October 1974, 0-87997-134-7, pb, Nook
Witch World, Ace, Ace first edition 1963, G655, pb
Zarsthor's Bane, Ace, First Ace printing: November 1978, 0-441-95490-1, Witch World #8, pb, Nook
The Zero Stone, Ace, 0-441-95962, See Uncharted Stars, pb, Nook
Gryphon in Glory, Ballantine, First Ballantine Books edition: May 1983, 0-345-30950-2, pb, Nook
The Crystal Gryphon, DAW #075, 1973, 0-87997-076-6, pb, Nook
The Beast Master, Ace, 1964, F-315, $4.50, pb
Wraiths of Time, Fawcett, 1976, 0-449-23532-7, pb, Nook
Daybreak 2250 A.D., Ace, 1968, G-717, $1.50, pb, Nook
Catseye, Ace, 1962, F-167, $4.50, pb
Spell of the Witch World, DAW #001, 1972, 0-87997-001-4, pb, Nook
Quag Keep, DAW #353, 1979, 0-87997-487-7, pb, Nook
Lore of the Witch World, DAW #400, 1980, 0-87997-560-1, pb
Breed to Come, Ace, First Ace printing: September 1973, 441-07895, pb, Nook
Star Guard, Ace, Reprint, 441-78131, pb
Forerunner Foray, Ace, 1973, 441-24620, pb, Nook
Ice Crown, Ace, 1970, 441-35841, pb, Nook
Dark Piper, Ace, 1968, 441-13795, pb, Nook
Huon of the Horn, Ace, Reprint, 35421, pb, Nook
The Defiant Agents, Ace, Sixth Ace printing: July 1978, 0-441-14235-4, pb, Nook
Dark Companion, Nook
Dread Companion, Fawcett, First printing: August 19080, 0-449-24321-4, pb, Nook
Exiles of the Stars, Ace, First Ace printing,  July 1972, 441-22365, pb, Nook
The Year of the Unicorn, Ace, Fifth Ace printing: March 1979, 0-441-94254-7, Witch World #7, pb, Nook
The Book of Andre Norton, DAW #165, 1975, 0-87997-198-3, Collection, pb
Witch World, Ace, reprint, 0-441-89704-5, Witch World #1, pb, Nook
The Jargoon Pard, Fawcett, First printing: December 1975, 449-02657, poor condition, pb, Nook
Warlock of the Witch World, Ace, This Ace printing: November 1978, 0-441-87323-5, Witch World #4, pb, Nook
Here Abide Monsters, DAW #121, 1974, 0-87997-134-7, pb
High Sorcery, Ace, 1970, 441-33701, Interior Sketch by Jack Gaugan, pb
Merlin's Mirror, DAW #152, 1975, 0-87997-175-4, pb, Nook
Yurth Burden, DAW #304, 1978, 0-87997-400-1, pb
Voorloper, Ace, Third printing: November 1982, 0-441-86610-7, pb
Iron Cage, Ace, 1974, 441-37290, pb
Perilous Dreams, DAW #196, 1976, 0-87997-237-8, pb
Eye of the Monster, Ace, Reprint, 441-22375, pb
Secret of the Lost Race, Ace, Reprint, 441-75831, pb, Nook
Knave of Dreams, Ace, First printing 1975, 441-45000, pb
Night of Masks, Ace, Third Ace printing: September 1973, 441-57752, pb
The Last Planet, Ace, Reprint, 47161, pb
Ordeal in Otherwhere, Ace, Second Ace printing: February 1973, 441-63822, pb, Nook
Android at Arms, Ace, First Ace printing,  August 1973, 441-02275, poor condition, pb
The Prince Commands, Tor, First printing,  March 1983, 0-523-48058-X, pb
Sargasso of Space, Ace, 1964, F-279, $4.50, pb, Nook
Moon of 3 Rings, Ace, Reprint, 441-54102, pb, Nook
Sea Siege, Ace, Reprint, 441-75697, pb, Nook
No Night Without Stars, Fawcett, 0-449-23624-6, pb, Nook
Shadow Hawk, Ace, Reprint, 441-75992, pb
The Sioux Spaceman, Ace, Reprint, 441-76802, pb
Sorceress of the Witch World, Ace, Reprint, 441-77552, pb, Nook
Sorceress of the Witch World, Ace, 1967, H-84, $4.50, pb
Star Born, Ace, Reprint, 441-78012, pb, Nook
Star Gate, Ace, Reprint, 441-78072, pb
Star Gate, Ace, 1963, F-231, $4.50, pb
Star Guard, Ace, 1966, G-599, $2.25, pb
Sargasso of Space, Ace, Reprint, 441-74983, pb
The X Factor, Ace, 1965, 0-441-92551, Cover Art by Jack Gaughan, pb, Nook
Postmarked the Stars, Ace, Reprint, 441-67556, pb, Nook
Victory on Janus, Ace, Second Ace printing,  March 1973, 0-441-86321, pb, Nook
Uncharted Stars, Ace, 0-441-84001, pb, Nook
Voorloper, Ace, First Ace printing: September 1980, 0-441-86610-7, pb
Lord of Thunder, Fawcett, 0-449-23636-6, pb, Nook
Star Rangers, Fawcett, 0-449-24076-2, pb
Daybreak 2250 A.D., Ace, Reprint, pb
The Stars are Ours!, Ace, F-207, 2 copies, pb
Steel Magic, Pocket Books, First Pocket books printing,  August 1978, 0-671-29901-8, pb, Nook
Lord of Thunder, Ace, 1963, F-243, $4.50, pb
Trey of Swords, Ace, This Ace printing: March 1982, 0-441-82349-1, Witch World #6, pb, Nook
Lord of Thunder, Ace, Reprint, 441-49237, pb
Horn Crown, DAW #440, 1981, 0-87997-635-7, pb, Nook
Lavender-Green Magic, Ace, First Ace printing: March 1977, 441-47440, pb
Atlantis End Game, Nook
Brother to Shadows, Nook
Darkness and Dawn, Nook
Derelict for Trade, Nook
Dragon Magic, Nook
Echoes in Time, Nook
Firehand, Nook
Flight in Yiktor, Nook
Flight of Vengeance, Nook
Fur Magic, Nook
Gods and Androids, Nook
Gryphon's Eyrie, Nook
Janus, Nook
Mark of the Cat, Nook
Octagon Magic, Nook
On Wings of Magic, Nook
Operation Time Search, Nook
Quest Crosstime, Nook
Ralestone Luck, Nook
Red Hart Magic, Nook
Redline the Stars, Nook
Songsmith, Nook
Star Ka'at, Nook
Star Soldiers, Nook
Storms of Victory, Nook
Three Against the Witch World, Nook
Time Traders II, Nook
Web of the Witch World, Nook

Norvil,  Manning

Whetted Bronze, DAW #281, First printing,  March 1978, 0-87997-364-1, Odan the Half-God #2, pb
Dream Chariots, DAW #260, First printing,  October 1977, 0-87997-328-5, Odan the Half-God #1, pb

Norwood,  Warren

Vanished, Lynx Omega, First printing / November 1988, 1-55802-006-3, Time Police Volume 1, pb
Trapped!, Lynx Omega, First printing / January 1989, 1-55802-007-1, Time Police Volume 2, pb
Stranded, Lynx Omega, First printing / March 1989, 1-55802-008-X, Time Police Volume 3, pb

Nourse,  Alan E.

The Counterfeit Man, Scholastic Book Services, 1st printing ... October 1967, T941, Collection 2 copies, pb
Beyond Infinity, Corgi, GS1526, Collection originally titled Tiger by the Tail, pb
The Universe Between, Paperback Library, First printing: May 1967, 52-462, pb
Tiger By the Tail, McFadden, A McFadden Book - 1964, 50-199, Collection, pb
PSI High and Others, Ace, 1967, G-730, Collection, pb
Scavengers in Space, Ace, 1959, D-541, pb
Star Surgeon, Ace, Ace Science Fiction edition / May 1986, 0-441-78343-0, pb, Nook

Novik, Naomi

Throne of Jade, Temeraire #2, pb
Black Powder War, Temeraire #3, pb
Empire of Ivory, Temeraire #4, pb
Victory of Eagles, Temeraire #5, pb

Nuttall, Christopher

The Empire's Corps, Empires Corps #1, Kindle

Nye,  Jody Lynn

Medicine Show, pb
Don't Forget your Spacesuit,  Dear, Baen, First printing,  July 1996, 0-671-87732-1, Anthology, pb
Mythology 101, Popular Library, First printing: February 1990, 0-445-21021-4, Dave C., pb
Taylor's Ark, pb
Higher Mythology, Warner, First printing: January 1993, 0-446-36335-9, Keith Doyle #3, pb
Mythology Abroad, Warner, First printing: February 1991, 0-446-36119-4, Keith Doyle #2, pb
Strong Arm Tactics, The Wolfe Pack #1, hc, -LV

Nylund,  Eric S.

Dry Water, Avon, First printing,  April 1998, 0-380-79614-7, pb
Signal to Noise, Avon, First printing,  May 1998, 0-380-79292-3, pb

Oakes,  Philip

Experiment at Proto, Avon, First Avon printing,  April,  1975, 0-380-22582, pb

Oberndorf,  Charles

Testing, Bantam, A Bantam Spectra book / September 1993, 0-553-56181-2, pb

Odom,  Mel

Stalker Analog, Roc, First printing,  December 1993, 0-451-45257-7, pb
Lethal Interface, Roc, First printing,  May 1992, 0-451-45154-6, pb

O'Donnell,  K(evin) M.

Ora:cle, Berkley, Berkley edition / August 1984, 0-425-07260-6, pb
Cliffs, Berkley, Berkley edition / February 1986, 0-425-08387-X, The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book IV, pb
Fire on the Border, Roc, First printing,  September,  1990, 0-451-45030-2, pb
Lava, Berkley, Berkley edition / April 1982, 0-425-05248-6, The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book III, pb
Reefs, Berkley, Second printing / December 1982, 0-425-06235-X, The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book II, pb
Caverns, Berkley, Berkley edition / April 1981, 0-425-04730-X, The Journeys of McGill Feighan Book I, pb
Mayflies, Berkley, Second printing / December 1982, 0-425-05776-3, pb
Bandersnatch, Bantam, A Bantam book / June 1979, 0-553-12620-2, pb
War of Omission, Bantam, A Bantam book / March 1982, 0-553-20281-2, pb

Offutt,  Andrew J.

The Iron Lords, Ace, Third printing / May 1984, 0-441-37364-X, War of the Gods on Earth #1, pb
My Lord Barbarian, Del Rey, Second printing: March 1978, 0-345-25713-8, pb
Ardor on Aros, Dell, Second printing: February 1978, 0-440-10931-0, pb
Evil is Live Spelled Backwards, Paperback Library, First printing: December 1970, 64-490, pb
Shadowspawn, Ace, Ace edition / September 1987, 0-441-76039-2, The Fourth Thieve's World Novel, pb
w/ Richard K. Lyon, Web of the Spider, Pocket Books, First Timescape books printing,  December 1983, 0-671-82680-8, War of the Wizards #3, pb
w/ Richard K. Lyon, The Eyes of Sarsis, Pocket Books, First Pocket books printing,  September 1980, 0-671-82649-4, War of the Wizards #2, pb
w/ Richard K. Lyon, The Demon in the Mirror, Pocket Books, First Pocket books printing,  January 1978, 0-671-81720-5, War of the Wizards #1, pb
w/ D. Bruce Berry, Genetic Bomb, Warner, First printing: August 1975, 0-446-76868-5, pb
Sword of the Gael, Zebra, First printing: October 1975, 0-89083-138-6, Cormac Mac Art #, pb
The Sign of the Moonbow, Ace, Second printing: July 1984, 0-441-76354-5, Cormac Mac Art #7, pb
Shadows out of Hell, Ace, Second printing / February 1984, 0-441-76077-5, War of the Gods on Earth #2, pb
The Lady of the Snowmist, Ace, Ace original / June 1983, 0-441-46941-8, War of the Gods on Earth #3, pb
The Mists of Doom, Ace, First Ace printing: November 1980, 0-441-53503-8, Cormac Mac Art #1, pb
When Death Birds Fly, Ace, First printing / November 1980, 0-441-88087-8, Cormac Mac Art #3, pb
The Undying Wizard, Ace, First Ace printing: February 1982, 0-441-84514-2, Cormac Mac Art #6 Also have 4th printing, pb
The Galactic Rejects, Dell, First Laurel printing - November 1974, pb
w/ Keith Taylor, The Tower of Death, Ace, First Ace printing: August 1982, 0-441-81925-7, Cormac Mac Art #2, pb
Messenger of Zhuvastou, Berkley, Berkley Medallion edition,  March 1973, 0-425-02317-6, pb

O'Keefe,  Claudia

Black Snow Days, Ace, Ace edition / April 1990, 0-441-06689-5, New Ace Science Fiction Specials, pb

Oliver,  Chad

Another Kind, Ballantine, 1955, 113, Collection, pb
Shadows in the Sun, Ballantine, 1954, 91, pb

Ore,  Rebecca

Becoming Alien, Tor, First edition: January 1988, 0-812-50313-9, pb

O'Riordan,  Robert

Cadre One, Ace, Ace science fiction edition / January 1986, 0-441-09022-2, Cadre #1, pb
Cadre Lucifer, Ace, Ace science fiction edition / May 1987, 0-441-09019-2, Cadre #2, pb
Cadre Messiah, Ace, Ace edition / November 1988, 0-441-09016-8, Cadre #3, pb

Orwell,  George

1984, Signet, Commemorative 1984 edition, 0-451-51984-1, pb

Osborne, Stephanie

The Case of the Displaced Detective: The Arrival, Displaced Detective #1, Kindle

Ottum,  Bob

All Right,  Everybody Off the Planet!, Bantam, May 1973, 553-07598, pb

Padgett,  Lewis

Line to Tomorrow, Bantam, A Bantam book published August,  1954, 1251, Collection, pb

Page,  Norvil W.

Flame Winds, Berkley, Berkley edition,  September 1978, 0-425-03898-X, pb

Palmer,  David R.

Threshold, Bantam, A Bantam Spectra book / December 1985, 0-553-24878-2, pb
Emergence, Bantam, 3rd printing, 0-553-25519-3, pb

Pangborn,  Edgar

Davy, Del Rey, Fourth U.S. printing: November 1982, 0-345-30702-X, pb
West of the Sun, Doubleday, First printing,  1953, 2nd copy Dell 1st edition: 1980, hc
A Mirror for Observers, Dell, First printing - September 1980, 0-440-10064-X, pb

Panshin,  Alexei

Rite of Passage, Ace, 1968, 0-441-72783, pb
Masque World, Ace, This Ace printing: November 1978, 0-441-52105-3, pb
Rite of Passage, Pocket Books, First Timescape Books printing March,  1982, 0-671-44068-3, pb

Park,  Severna

Speaking Dreams, Avon, First printing: June 1997, 0-380-72924-5, pb

Parkinson,  Dan

The Gates of Thorbardin, TSR, First printing: July 1990, 0-88038-912-5, Dragon Lance Heroes II Volume Two, pb

Paulk, Kate

Born in Blood, Kindle
Impaler, Nook

Paxson,  Diana L.

Brisingamen, Berkley, Berkley edition / November 1984, 0-425-07298-3, pb
The Serpent's Tooth, Avon, First printing: April 1993, 0-380-75680-3, pb

Peake,  Mervyn

Titus Alone, Ballantine, Sixth printing,  October 1974, 0-345-24323-4, Gormenghast Trilogy #3, pb
Gormenghast, Ballantine, Sixth printing,  October 1974, 0-345-24322-6, Gormenghast Trilogy #2, pb
Titus Groan, Ballantine, Sixth printing,  October 1974, 0-345-24321-8, Gormenghast Trilogy #1, pb

Pearson,  Edward

Chamiel, Pocket Books, Pocket book edition published November,  1974, 0-671-77790-4, pb

Pedler,  Kit w/ Gerry Davis

Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters, Bantam, Bantam edition published February 1973, 0-553-07499, pb

Pendleton, Don

The Guns of Terra 10, Pinnacle, Second printing: June 1974, 0-523-00377-3, pb

Perry,  Steve

The Machiavelli Interface, Ace, Ace science fiction edition / July 1986, 0-441-51356-5, Matador #3, pb
Stellar Ranger, Avon, First printing: May 1994, 0-380-77301-5, pb
Spindoc, Ace, Ace edition,  February 1994, 0-441-00008-8, pb
The Digital Effect, pb
The Man Who Never Missed, Ace, Ace original / August 1985, 0-441-51916-4, Matador #1, pb
Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars, pb
The 97th Step, Ace, Ace edition / December 1989, 0-441-58105-6, Matador #4, pb
w/ Michael Reaves, The Omega Cage, Ace, Ace edition / April 1988, 0-441-62382-4, pb
Brother Death, Ace, Ace edition / December 1992, 0-441-54476-2, Matador #7, pb
Black Steel, Ace, Ace edition / February 1992, 0-441-06698-4, Matador #6, pb
Lone Star, Avon, First printing: January 1995, 0-380-77302-3, Stellar Ranger #2, pb
The Forever Drug, Ace, Ace edition / February 1995, 0-441-00142-4, pb
The Albino Knife, Ace, Ace edition / July 1991, 0-441-01391-0, Matador #5, pb
Matadora, Ace, Ace science fiction edition / February 1986, 0-441-52207-6, Matador #2, pb

Petaja,  Emil

Saga of Lost Earths, DAW #340, First printing,  May 1979, 0-87997-462-1, pb

Petersen, Jesse

Married with Zombies, pb -LV

Phillifent,  John T.

Genius Unlimited, DAW #016, 1972, 0-87997-016-2, pb

Pierce,  J. Calvin

The Wizard of Ambermere, Ace, Ace edition / October 1993, 0-441-01959-5, Ambermere #3, pb
The Door to Ambermere, Ace, Ace edition / June 1992, 0-441-15944-3, Ambermere #1, pb
The Sorceress of Ambermere, Ace, Ace edition / January 1993, 0-441-33741-4, Ambermere #2, pb

Piper,  H. Beam

The Fuzzy Papers, Doubleday, Book Club Edition, Contains Little Fuzzy & The Other Human Race 2 copies, hc
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, Ace, 0-441-49051-4, Collection, pb
Space Viking, Ace, 1963, F-225, pb
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