My Library - Aamodt through Bradley

Aamodt, Donald

A Name to Conjure With, Avon, First printing: August 1989, 0-380-75137-2, paperback
A Troubling Along the Border, Avon, First printing: December 1991, 0-380-75827-X, paperback

Aarons, Edward S.

Assignment - Moon Girl, Fawcett, 1967, 231-02024, paperback

ab Hugh, Dafydd

Heroing, Baen First printing, October 1987, 0-671-65344-X, paperback

Abbey, Lynn

Behind Time, Ace, Ace mass market edition: July 2001, 0-441-00831-3, paperback
Daughter of the Bright Moon, Ace, First Mass Market printing: February 1980, 0-441-13876-4, paperback
Jerlayne, DAW #1118, First printing, April 1999, 0-88677-809-3, paperback
Out of Time, Ace, Ace mass market edition / July 2000, 0-441-00751-1, paperback
Siege of Shadows, Ace, Ace edition / February 1996, 0-441-00306-0, paperback
The Black Flame, Ace, Third printing / July 1985, 0-441-06587-2, paperback
The Guardians, Ace, First Ace printing: October 1982, 0-441-30859-X, paperback

Abe, Kobo

Inter Ice Age 4, Knopf, Book Club Edition, hardcover

Abnet, Dan

Eisenhorn, Warhammer, pb

Adams, Douglas

Dirk Gently series
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Pocket Books, First Pocket Books printing, May 1988, 0-671-66063-2, Dirk Gently #1, paperback
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, Pocket Books, First Pocket Books printing, January 1990, 0-671-69404-9, Dirk Gently #2, paperback
Hitchhiker series
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Pocket Books, First Pocket Books printing, October 1981, 0-671-46149-4, Hitchhiker #1, paperback
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Pocket Books, First Pocket Books printing, October 1982, 0-671-4268-64, Hitchhiker #2, paperback
Life, the Universe and Everything, Pan, 7th printing 1982, 0-330-26738-8, Hitchhiker #3, paperback
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, Harmony, First Edition, 0-517-55439-9, Hitchhiker #4, hardcover

Adams, Robert

Revenge of the Horseclans, Signet, First printing, March 1982, 0-451-11431-0, Horseclans #3, paperback
Stairway to Forever, Baen, First printing, September 1988, 0-671-65434-9, paperback

Adams, Richard

Shardik, Simon and Schuster, 1974, 0-671-22015-2, hardcover

Agel, Jerome

The Making of Kubrick's 2001, Signet, First printing, April 1970, 451-W4205, paperback

Aikin, Jim

Walk the Moon's Road, Del Rey, First edition: June 1985, 0-345-32169-3, paperback

Akers, Alan Burt

Transit to Scorpio, DAW #033, 1972, 0-87997-033-2, Dray Prescot #1, paperback
The Suns of Scorpio, DAW #049, First printing, April 1973, 0-87997-049-9, Dray Prescott #2 2 copies, paperback
Swordships of Scorpio, DAW #081, 1973, 0-87997-085-5, Dray Prescot #4 2 copies, paperback
Prince of Scorpio, DAW #097, 1973, 0-87997-105-7, Dray Prescot #5, paperback
Manhounds of Antares, DAW #113, 1974, 0-87997-124-X, Dray Prescot #6, paperback
Arena of Antares, DAW #129, 1974, 0-87997-145-2, Dray Prescot #7, paperback
Armada of Antares, DAW #189, 1975, 0-87997-227-0, Dray Prescot #11, paperback
Rebel of Antares, DAW #413, First printing, December 1980, 0-87997-582-2, Dray Prescott #24, paperback
Legions of Antares, DAW #446, First printing, August 1981, 0-87997-648-9, Dray Prescott #25, paperback
Allies of Antares, DAW #462, 1981, 0-87997-671-3, Dray Prescot #26, paperback
Mazes of Scorpio, DAW #487, First printing, June 1982, 0-87997-739-6, Dray Prescott #27, paperback

Aldiss, Brian W.

Barefoot in the Head, Avon, First Avon printing, January 1981, 0-380-53561-0, paperback
Billion Year Spree, Schocken, Second printing, 1975, 0-8052-0450-4, Commentary, paperback
Bow Down to Nul, Ace, 1960, F-382, $3.75, paperback
Cryptozoic!, Avon, Third printing, 380-33415, paperback
Frankenstein Unbound, Fawcett Crest, First printing: July 1975, 0-449-02473, paperback
Galactic Empires Volume One, St Martins, Book Club Edition, Anthology, hardcover
Galactic Empires Volume Two, St Martins, Book Club Edition, Anthology, hardcover
Helliconia Spring, Ace, Ace edition / June 1987, 0-441-35626-9, paperback
Neanderthal Planet, Avon, Book Club edition, hardcover
Non-Stop, Carroll & Graf, Book Club Edition, hardcover
Report on Probability A, Avon, First Avon printing, November 1980, 0-380-52498-8, paperback
Space Opera, Doubleday, Book Club Edition, Anthology 2 copies, hardcover
Starship, Avon, First Avon Printing, December, 1969, V2321, 2 copies, one later Avon edition, paperback
Starswarm, Signet, First printing, January 1964, D 2411, 2 copies, paperback
The Book of Brian Aldiss, DAW #029, 1972, 0-87997-029-4, Collection, paperback
The Canopy of Time, New English Library, May 1975, 450-02254-4, paperback
The Long Afternoon of Earth, Signet, First printing, January 1962, 451-T4557, paperback
The Saliva Tree, Tor, First edition: December 1988, 0-812-55952-5, Tor Double #03 w/ Silverberg's Born with the Dead, paperback
Who Can Replace a Man?, Signet, First printing, November 1967, P3311, paperback

Alexander, Lloyd

The Book of Three, Dell, Sixth printing - October 1976, 440-00702, Prydain #1, oversize
The Black Cauldron, Dell, Sixth printing - October 1977, 0-440-40649-8, Prydain #2, oversize
The Castle of Llyr, Dell, Fourth printing - August 1976, 440-01125, Prydain #3, oversize
Taran Wanderer, Dell, Fourth printing - January 1978, 0-440-48483-9, Prydain #4, oversize
The High King, Dell, Fifth printing - September 1975, 440-03574, Prydain #5, oversize
Westmark, Dell, Second printing, July 1982, 0-440-99731-3, paperback
The Kestrel, Dell, First printing, October 1983, 0-440-94393-0, Sequel to Westmark, paperback

The Foundling, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Second printing, May 1975, 0-03-007431-2, Collection, hardcover
Time Cat, Avon, First printing, August 1968, ZS139, $1.00, paperback
The Arkadians, pb
The Wizard in the Tree, pb
The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen, pb
The Iron Ring, pb
The Eldorado Adventure, bp

Allen, Roger, MacBride

Farside Cannon, Baen, First printing, August 1988, 0-671-65428-4, paperback
Orphan of Creation, Baen, First printing, February 1988, 0-671-65356-3, paperback
Rogue Powers, Baen, First printing, September 1986, 0-671-65584-1, Sequel to Torch of Honor, paperback
w/ Isaac Asimov, The Modular Man, Bantam, A Bantam Spectra book / June 1992, 0-553-29559-4, The Next Wave #4, paperback
The Ring of Charon, Tor, First edition: December 1990, 0-812-53014-4, Hunted Earth #1, paperback
The Shattered Sphere, Tor, First mass market edition, September 1995, 0-812-53016-0, Hunted Earth #2, paperback
The Torch of Honor, Baen, Second printing, September 1986, 0-671-65607-4, paperback
w/ David Drake, The War Machine, Baen, First printing, August 1989, 0-671-69845-1, Crisis of Empire III, paperback

Allston, Aaron

Doc Sidhe, Nook

Anderson, Kevin J.

Blindfold, Warner, First printing: November 1995, 0-446-60247-7, paperback
Climbing Olympus, Warner, First printing: September 1994, 0-446-60158-6, paperback
Gameplay, Signet, First printing, October 1989, 0-451-16236-6, paperback
Gamearth, Signet, First printing, March 1989, 0-451-15680-3, paperback
Hopscotch, hardcover

Anderson, Poul

After Doomsday, Ballantine, Second printing, March 1970, 0-345-01888-5, paperback
Agent of the Terran Empire, Ace, First Ace printing: January 1980, 0-441-01066-0, Flandry, paperback
A Circus of Hells, Signet, First printing, May 1970, 0-451-15113-5, Flandry, paperback
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Signet, First printing, October 1975, 0-451-W6725, Flandry, paperback
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, Doubleday, Book Club edition, 2 copies, hardcover
A Midsummer Tempest, Del Rey, Second printing, October 1978, 0-345-27452-0, paperback
A Stone in Heaven, Ace, This edition: June 1980, 0-441-78657-X, Flandry, paperback
Brain Wave, Ballantine, Fifth printing, January 1974, 0-345-23668-8, paperback
Cold Victory, Tor, First edition, March 1982, 0-523-48527-1, Collection, paperback
Conflict, Tor, First Tor printing, August 1983, 0-523-48572-7, Collection, paperback
Ensign Flandry, Ace, Eighth printing, January 1985, 0-441-20729-4, Flandry, paperback
Fire Time, Ballantine, First printing, November 1975, 0-345-24628-4, paperback
Fire Time, Doubleday, Book Club edition, hardcover
Flandry of Terra, Ace, First Ace printing: July 1979, 0-441-24071-2, Flandry, paperback
Guardians of Time, Ballantine, Second printing: March 1970, 0-345-01890-7, Collection, paperback
Homeward and Beyond, Berkley, Berkley Medallion edition, July 1976, 425-03162, paperback
Hrolf Kraki's Saga, Ballantine, First printing: October 1973, 0-345-23562-2, $9.00, paperback
Mirkheim, Berkley, Berkley edition, April 1983, 0-425-05863-8, paperback
New America, Tor, First Tor printing, December 1982, 0-523-48553-0, paperback
Operation Chaos, Berkley, Berkley Medallion edition, May 1978, 0-425-03750-9, paperback
Orbit Unlimited, Pyramid, Sixth printing, April 1977, 0-515-03274-3, paperback
Question and Answer, Ace, Second Ace edition: February 1978, 0-441-69770-4, paperback
Rogue Sword, Avon, 1960, T-472, $4.50, paperback
Satan's World, Berkley, Berkley edition, March 1983, 0-425-05851-4, paperback
Shield, Berkley, Berkley edition, April 1982, 0-425-04704-0, paperback
Star Ways, Ace, 1956, D-568, $2-3, paperback
Tau Zero, Berkley, Berkley Medallion edition, September 1976, 0-425-03210-8, paperback
The Avatar, Berkley, Book Club edition, hardcover
The Best of Poul Anderson, Pocket Books, August 1976, 0-671-80671-8, Collection, paperback
The Book of Poul Anderson, DAW #153, 1975, 0-87997-176-2, Collection, paperback
The Broken Sword, Ballantine, Second printing, September 1973, 0-345-23526-6, $4.50, paperback
The Byworlder, Signet, First printing, September 1971, 451-T4780, paperback
The Corridors of Time, Lancer, 1966, 73-505, $2-3, paperback
The Dancer from Atlantis, Signet, First printing, January 1972, 451-W7806, paperback
The Day of Their Return, Signet, First printing, April 1975, 451-Y6731, paperback
w/ Mildred Downey Broxon, The Demon of Scattery, Ace, First Ace printing: December 1979, 0-441-14252-4, oversize
The Earth Book of Stormgate, Berkley, Berkley edition, May 1979, 0-425-04090-0, paperback
The Game of Empire, Baen, First printing, May 1985, 0-671-55959-1, Flandry, paperback
The Gods Laughed, Tor, First Tor printing, November 1982, 0-523-48550-6, paperback
The High Crusade, Berkley, Berkley Medallion edition, March 1978, 0-425-03670-7, paperback
The Horn of Time, Signet, First printing, January 1968, P3349, paperback
The Long Night, Tor, First Tor printing, May 1983, 0-523-48582-4, paperback
The Long Way Home, Ace, Third Ace edition: July 1979, 0-441-48923-0, paperback
The Longest Voyage, Tor, First Tor edition: February 1991, 0-812-51170-0, Tor Double #30 w/ Popkes' Slow Lightning, paperback
The Man Who Counts, Ace, Second Ace edition: February 1978, 0-441-51902-4, paperback
The Night Face, Ace, Second Ace edition: February 1978, 0-441-57450-5, paperback
The Peregrine, Ace, Third Ace edition: July 1979, 0-441-65954-3, paperback
The Rebel Worlds, Signet, First printing, October 1969, 0-451-T4041, Flandry, paperback
The Saturn Game, Tor, First edition: April 1989, 0-812-50277-9, Tor Double #14 w/ Benford's Iceborn 2 copies, paperback
The Star Fox, Signet, Third printing, 451-T4763, paperback
The Trouble Twisters, Berkley, Fourth printing, 0-425-04115-8, paperback
w/ Karen Anderson, The Unicorn Trade, Tor, First Tor printing, April 1984, 0-812-53085-3, paperback
The Winter of the World, Doubleday, Book Club edition, 3 copies, hardcover
The Worlds of Poul Anderson, Ace, 1974, 441-91055, Collection, paperback
There Will Be Time, Doubleday, Book Club edition, 2 copies, hardcover
Three Hearts and Three Lions, Berkley, Berkley edition, April 1978, 0-425-03680-4, paperback
Time and Stars, McFadden, Second printing, May 1970, 520-00330, paperback
Time and Stars, Manor, A Manor Book 1975, 532-95391, paperback
Twilight World, Torquil, Book Club edition, hardcover
Twilight World, Tor, First Tor printing, February 1983, 0-523-48561-1, paperback
Vault of the Ages, Berkley, Berkley edition, October 1978, 0-425-03840-8, paperback
Virgin Planet, Warner, Second printing: October 1973, 0-446-75462-5, paperback
War of the Wing-Men, Ace, 1958, G-634, $1.50, paperback
Winners, Tor, First printing, August 1981, 0-523-48507-7, Collection, paperback
World Without Stars, Ace, 1966, F-425, paperback

Andrews, Ilona

On the Edge, The Edge #1, pb
Magic Bites, Kate Daniels #1, pb
Magic Burns, Kate Daniels #2, pb
Magic Strikes, Kate Daniels #3, pb
Magic Bleeds, Kate Daniels #4, Nook
Magic Slays, Kate Daniels #5, Nook
Magic Rises, Kate Daniels #6, Nook
Gunmetal Magic, Kate-iverse?, Nook

Anthony, Piers

Anthonology, Tor, First mass market printing, April 1986, 0-812-53114-0, Collection, paperback
Balook, Ace, Ace mass market edition / January 1997, 0-441-00398-2, paperback
Battle Circle, Avon, First Avon printing: January 1978, 0-380-01800-4, paperback
Bio of an Ogre, Ace, Ace mass-market edition/October 1989, 0-441-06225-3, Autobiography, paperback
But What of Earth?, Tor, First Tor edition: July 1989, 0-812-53098-5, paperback
Chthon, Berkley, Berkley edition / March 1982, 0-425-04926-4, paperback
w/ Robert E. Margroff, The E.S.P. Worm, Tor, First TOR printing: November 1986, 0-812-53105-1, paperback
Ghost, Tor, First Mass Market printing: December 1987, 0-812-53127-2, paperback
Hasan, Tor, First Tor printing: January 1986, 0-812-53112-4, paperback
Kilobyte, Ace, Ace paperback / January 1994, 0-441-44425-3, paperback
Macroscope, Avon, 0-380-00209-4, paperback
Mute, Avon, First Avon printing, April 1981, 0-380-77578-6, paperback
Phthor, Berkley, Berkley edition / September 1982, 0-425-05439-x, Sequel to Chthon, paperback
Pretender, Tor, First Tor printing: June 1985, 0-812-53108-6, paperback
Prostho Plus, Tor, First Tor printing: June 1986, 0-812-53116-7, paperback
Race Against Time, Tor, First Tor printing: September 1985, 0-812-53110-8, paperback
Rings of Ice, Avon, First Avon printing, June 1974, 380-19448, paperback
Shade of the Tree, Tor, First Mass Market printing: May 1987, 0-812-53103-5, paperback
Steppe, Tor, First mass market printing, September 1986, 0-812-53120-5, paperback
Total Recall, Avon, First Avon books printing: June 1990, 0-380-70874-4, Movie Tie in, paperback
Triple Detente, Tor, First Tor edition, July 1988, 0-812-53129-9, paperback
Bio of a Space Tyrant
Refugee, Avon, First printing, October 1983, 0-380-84194-0, Bio of a Space Tyrant #1, paperback
Mercenary, Avon, First printing, June 1984, 0-380-87221-8, Bio of a Space Tyrant #2, paperback
Politician, Avon, First printing, May 1985, 0-380-89685-0, Bio of a Space Tyrant #3, paperback
Executive, Avon, First printing, December 1985, 0-380-89834-9, Bio of a Space Tyrant #4, paperback
Statesman, Avon, First printing, December 1986, 0-380-89835-7, Bio of a Space Tyrant #5, paperback
Cluster series
Cluster, Avon, First Avon printing, October 1977, 0-380-01755-5, paperback
Chaining the Lady, Avon, Fourth printing, 0-380-01779-2, Cluster #2, paperback
Thousandstar, Avon, First Avon printing, June 1980, 0-380-75556-4, Cluster #4, paperback
Viscous Circle, Avon, First Avon printing, May 1982, 0-380-79897-2, Cluster #5, paperback
Tarot series
God of Tarot, Berkley, Fifth printing, April 1983, 0-425-06480-8, Tarot #1, paperback
Vision of Tarot, Berkley, Fifth printing, June 1983, 0-425-06585-5, Tarot #2, paperback
Faith of Tarot, Berkley, Fourth printing, September 1982, 0-425-05720-8, Tarot #3, paperback
Xanth series
The Magic of Xanth, Doubleday, Book Club edition, Xanth #1-3, hardcover
A Spell for Chameleon, Del Rey, First edition: September 1977, 0-345-25855-X, Xanth #1, paperback
The Source of Magic, Del Rey, Seventh printing: March 1981, 0-345-30074-2, Xanth #2, paperback
Castle Roogna, Del Rey, First edition: July 1979, 0-345-27925-5, Xanth #3, paperback
Centaur Aisle, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #4, hardcover
Centaur Aisle, Del Rey, First edition: January 1982, 0-345-29770-9, Xanth #4, paperback
Ogre, Ogre, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #5, hardcover
Ogre, Ogre, Del Rey, First edition: October 1982, 0-345-30187-0, Xanth #5, paperback
Night Mare, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #6, hardcover
Night Mare, Del Rey, First edition: January 1983, 0-345-30456-X, Xanth #6, paperback
Dragon on a Pedestal, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #7, hardcover
Dragon on a Pedestal, Del Rey, First edition: October 1983, 0-345-31107-8, Xanth #7, paperback
Crewel Lye, Del Rey, First edition: January 1985, 0-345-31309-7, Xanth #8, paperback
Crewel Lye, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #8, hardcover
Golem in the Gears, Del Rey, Book Club edition, Xanth #9, hardcover
Golem in the Gears, Del Rey, First edition: February 1986, 0-345-31886-2, Xanth #9, paperback
Vale of the Vole, Del Rey, First edition: October 1987, 0-345-75287-5, Xanth #10, paperback
Man from Mundania, Avon, First Avon Books Printing: October 1989, 0-380-75289-1, Xanth #11, paperback
Dragon series
w/ Robert E. Margroff, Dragon's Gold, Tor, First printing: July 1987, 0-812-53125-6, paperback
w/ Robert E. Margroff, Serpent's Silver, Tom Doherty Assoc./Tor, First mass market edition: November 1989, 0-812-50257--4, Sequel to Dragon's Gold, paperback
Mode series
Virtual Mode, Ace, Ace paperback edition: December 1991, 0-441-86503-8, Mode Series #1, paperback
Fractal Mode, Ace, Ace paperback / August 1992, 0-441-25126-9, Mode Series #2, paperback
Adept series
Split Infinity, Del Rey, First edition: January 1981, 0-345-28213-2, Apprentice Adept #1, paperback
Blue Adept, Del Rey, First edition: April 1982, 0-345-28214-0, Apprentice Adept #2, paperback
Juxtaposition, Del Rey, Ninth printing: November 1985, 0-345-33637-2, Apprentice Adept #3, paperback
Out of Phaze, Ace, Ace edition / April 1988, 0-441-64465-1, Apprentice Adept #4, paperback
Robot Adept, Ace, Ace edition / March 1989, 0-441-73118-X, Apprentice Adept #5, paperback
Unicorn Point, Ace, Ace edition / January 1990, 0-441-84563-0, Apprentice Adept #6, paperback
Aquilon series
Orn, Avon, First Avon printing, November 1977, 0-380-00266-3, Aquilon Trilogy #2, paperback
OX, Doubleday, Book Club edition, Aquilon #3, hardcover
OX, Avon, First Avon printing, August 1976, 0-380-00461-5, Aquilon Trilogy #3, paperback
Incarnations of Immortality series
On A Pale Horse, Del Rey, First paperback edition, August 1984, 0-345-30518-3, Incarnations of Immortality #1, paperback
Bearing an Hourglass, Del Rey, First paperback edition, October 1985, 0-345-31315-1, Incarnations of Immortality #2, paperback
With a Tangled Skein, Del Rey, First paperback edition, October 1986, 0-345-31885-4, Incarnations of Immortality #3, paperback
Wielding a Red Sword, Del Rey, First paperback edition, December 1987, 0-345-32221-5, Incarnations of Immortality #4, paperback
Being a Green Mother, Del Rey, First paperback edition, October 1988, 0-345-32223-1, Incarnations of Immortality #5, paperback
For Love of Evil, Avon, First Avon Books printing, February 1990, 0-380-75285-9, Incarnations of Immortality #6, paperback
And Eternity, Avon, First Avon books printing: February 1991, 0-380-75286-7, Incarnations of Immortality #7, paperback
&Alfred Tella, The Willing Spirit, pb

Anvil, Christopher

Interstellar Patrol, Nook
Interstellar Patrol II - The Federation of Humanity, Nook
Pandora's Legions, Nook
Prescription for Chaos, Nook
The Trouble with Aliens, Nook
The Trouble with Humans, Nook

Arrow, William

Visions from Nowhere, Ballantine, First Edition, March 1976, 0-345-25122-9, Return to the Planet of the Apes #1, paperback

Arthur, Kerri

Full Moon Rising, hc

Asaro, Catherine

Primary Inversion, Tor, First mass market edition: February 1996, 0-812-55023-4, Skolian Empire #1, paperback, Nook
Sunrise Alley, Nook

Ashley, Mike

Souls in Metal, HBJ, First edition, June 1978, 0-545-04546-2, Anthology, paperback

Asimov, Isaac

Foundation, Avon, Nineteenth printing, 380-00304, paperback
Foundation and Earth, Del Rey, First U.S. edition, October 1987, 0-345-33996-7, paperback
Foundation and Empire, Avon, Seventeenth printing, 380-00305, paperback
Foundation's Edge, Del Rey, First Ballantine Books edition: November 1983, 0-345-30898-0, paperback
More Tales of the Black Widowers, Fawcett, 0-449-23375-8, Collection, paperback
Pebble in the Sky, Fawcett, 449-02828, paperback
Prelude to Foundation, Bantam, Bantam Spectra edition / April 1989, 0-553-27839-8, paperback
Robots and Empire, Del Rey, First U.S. edition: November 1986, 0-345-32894-9, paperback
Tales of the Black Widowers, Fawcett, 0-449-22944-0, Collection, paperback
The Robots of Dawn, Del Rey, First Ballantine books edition: July 1984, 0-345-31571-5, paperback
w/ Martin H. Greenberg & Charles Waugh, The Last Man on Earth, Fawcett, First Ballantine books Edition: August 1982, 0-449-24531-4, Anthology, paperback
w/ Janet Asimov, Norby Through Time and Space, Ace, Ace edition / September 1988, 0-441-58637-6, paperback
Second Foundation, Avon, Seventeenth printing, 380-00306, paperback
Lucky Starr and the Moons of Jupiter, Fawcett, 1978, 0-449-23422-3, paperback
More Soviet Science Fiction, Collier, Fifth printing, 1969, 01647, Anthology, paperback
The Currents of Space, Lancer, 2nd edition, 1966, 72-104, $3.00?, paperback
w/ Robert Silverberg, The Positronic Man, Bantam, Bantam paperback edition / January 1995, 0-553-56121-9, paperback
A Whiff of Death, Lancer, 447-75315, paperback
The Stars Like Dust, Lancer, Third Lancer edition published 1968, 73-704, $2.25?, paperback
Asimov's Guide to the Bible, The Old Testament, Avon, Third printing, April 1973, 380-00106, Non SF, paperback
The Human Body, Signet, First printing, February 1964, T2430, Non SF, paperback
The Wellsprings of Life, Signet, First printing, February 1962, P2066, Non SF, paperback
The Universe, Avon, Fourth printing , December 1971, 380-00025, Non SF, paperback
The Road to Infinity, Avon, First printing, February 1981, 0-380-54155-6, Non SF, paperback
Asimov's Mysteries, Panther Books, 1984, 0-586-02929-X, Collection, paperback
From Earth to Heaven, Avon, First printing, July 1972, 380-00338, Non SF, paperback
Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright, Avon, First printing, June 1979, 0-380-44610-3, Non SF, paperback
Asimov on Astronomy, Anchor, Anchor Books edition: 1975, 0-385-06881-6, Non SF, paperback
Where do We Go from Here?, Fawcett, October 1972, 449-01749, Anthology, paperback
The Winds of Change, Ballantine, Fifth printing: December 1989, 0-345-31188-4, Collection, paperback
The Foundation Trilogy, Doubleday, Book Club edition, Contains Foundation, Second Foundation & Foundation and Empire, hardcover
The Sensuous Dirty Old Man, Signet, First printing, June 1972, 451-Y4940, Non SF, paperback
Nine Tomorrows, Bantam, Bantam edition published July 1960, A2121, Collection, paperback
Life and Energy, Discus, Fourth printing, 380-31666, Non SF, paperback
Asimov on Numbers, Pocket Books, First printing, October 1978, 0-671-82134-2, Non SF, paperback

Jupiter, Ace, First printing, 1975, 0-441-41661, Non SF, paperback
View from a Height, Discus, First printing, June 1975, 0-380-24547, Non SF, paperback
The Left Hand of the Electron, Dell, First printing - March 1974, 0-440-04717, Non SF,
Azazel, Bantam, Bantam edition / February 1990, 0-553-28339-1, paperback
The Chemicals of Life, Mentor, 451-MY1384, Non SF, paperback
Opus 100, Dell, First printing - October 1970, 0-440-06695, Non SF, paperback
The Human Brain, Mentor, First printing, February 1965, 0-451-61558-1, Non SF, paperback
The Stars in their Courses, Ace, First Ace printing, July 1972, 441-78455, Non SF, paperback
Asimov on Science Fiction, Avon, First printing, April 1982, 0-380-58511-1, Non SF, paperback
w/ John Ciardi, Limericks: Too Gross, Norton, 1985, 0-393-04530-7, Non SF, oversize
The Robot Novels, Doubleday, Book Club edition, Contains The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun, hardcover
The Gods Themselves, Doubleday, Book Club edition, hardcover
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