Friday, December 20, 2019

Can't fight the feeling

Yeah, I continue to read at a fair pace, though perhaps not as much as I'd like.

Read the latest Reacher book by Lee Child over Thanksgiving. You gotta love his approach to problems.

Found the first two books in the Vatta's Peace series by Elizabeth Moon, and gobbled them quickly, then decided I had to go back and re-read the start of the affair, the Vatta's War series of five books. In the middle of that at the moment.

Read House of Assassins, by Correia. Way too much time has passed since Son of the Black Sword...really struggled to get back into the intrigue of the saga.

Re-read a Spider Robinson anthology. He used to be one of my top authors, but his output has slowed to a halt, since his last book came out in 2009.

The latest Jane Yellowrock, the latest Monster Hunters, the latest Alex Verus, October Daye,
SPI Files...

Some Mira Grant zombie stuff.

Binged on the final three Murderbot books, by Martha Wells.

A few bits of Anita Blake apocrypha.

A few other unremarkable items, but those are the highlights.

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