Friday, February 1, 2019

Back again...more or less

Finally, after a number of rounds of going round in circles with Google's convoluted systems for administering web sites, I lucked into a way to get to the area where I could set up a new payment method for my annual fees for, and it looks like the blog will be around for 2018, at least.
Coincidentally, on the same day, I set up my new website for the sandwich shop swag marketing. Eventually, it should have a way to place online cheesesteak orders during working hours, as well, but that's a project for another weekend or two.

Anyhow, with regard to my readings, I just took back a couple of books on making gelato that I was studying in order to add a gelato shop to my place for the summer, The Art of Making Gelato by Morgan Morano and The Ciao Bella Book of Gelatos and Sorbettos by F.W Pierce. Good material, but still more research is needed to get to the point of production.

I recently read Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach, which turned out to be a pretty interesting story about a mercenary soldier finding excitement and mystery on a tramp freighter, which led me to pick up the second book in the series, Honor's Knight, which gets pretty twisty in an out-of-the-frying-pan fashion. Also picked up a book called something like the Idiot's Guide to Business Plans.

Hoping I can get some book blogging done this year.

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