Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Forgiveness: A Journey to the Center of the Hurt by Robert E. Marshall

My son loaned me this book, and he in turn got it from his sister, who probably got it directly from the author, a personal friend and her family's pastor. I've heard him teach a number of times, and shared time with him and his family on occasion, so the funny thing about reading his book is that I "hear" the narration in my head in his voice, which has a distinctive and homey southern feel. An odd effect.

I don't particularly feel that I have any traumatic incidences of being hurt by people in my past, for which I need to practice forgiveness, but still this book has made me pause to think about those sorts of issues, and to consider whether I have forgiveness issues when it comes to the smaller "offenses" against me. What was it Thoreau said about "the unexamined life"?

Anyway, a good book on forgiving and being forgiven.

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