Friday, January 27, 2017

Relentless by Karen Lynch

A Book Bub freebie, with an intriguing title, this book was a pleasant surprise, for the most part.

Sara is an orphan who lives with her uncle, near Portland, Maine. A side note - every time they mentioned Portland in the story, I thought of Portland, Oregon - not the same thing - ah, well. Her mother disappeared when she was eight, and her father was murdered brutally shortly after that, so she went to live with her uncle Nate. Somehow or other Sara discovered that her father was killed by a vampire; I don't recall that it was ever explained how she figured that out.

Sara also discovered that she is able to heal animals - and non-humans - and has befriended a young troll named Remy, who sets her up with plenty of non-humans to heal. She is also best friends with two young werewolves, Peter and Roland, but she doesn't know that they are shapeshifters at first; this story brings her to the point of revelation of that little tidbit. When the three of them go to a club in Portland to hear a friend's band, they have a run-in with a vampire, who really really likes the taste of Sara, and becomes obsessed with capturing her. She is rescued by Nikolas, a mohiri (half human/half demon race that has as its mission the killing of vampires) who claims that she is a mohiri, too, and wants her to come live with her new-found relatives and be trained to fight vampires.

The rest of the story is about Sara's fight against fate and fight against the darker powers of the supernatural world. A pretty good read - might be worth buying some of the other books in the series to find out what becomes of Sara and friends. PG-rated, too (just for violence).

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