Saturday, July 23, 2016


Habits of a lifetime - I've never been one who "customizes" his possessions. I buy stock vehicles, don't add cosmetic accessories, don't put stickers all over them, etc. At best, I may add a camper shell to keep the rain off of the bed of the pickup, add trailer brakes, that sort of thing.
So, I was thinking the other day that i ought to put something on my iPad (white white white) to distinguish it from every other iPad out there. I have this Pyramid Brewing sticker sitting in a basket in the kitchen, and I decide I should just put it on the back of my Pad...I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Am I in a rut, or what?


Stephen said...

I've used the same avatar at one forum for...THIRTEEN YEARS. Why? Because after the first five years I figured, oh, it would be a shame to disrupt that record. Might as well ride it out. It's silly, really. THAT is a rut. How long has your ipad been pristine?

Jon said...

Well, I'm not breaking your avatar record, that's for sure. Just got the iPad for last year's birthday.