Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Her Brother's Keeper by Mike Kupari

There might be a decent beginning to a swashbuckling science fiction series here for Kupari, if he chooses to follow up on it. Catherine Blackwood is a privateer, originally from the planet Avalon, who has been estranged from her family ever since she chose a career not suitable for a noblewoman of the Arthurian system (I think Kupari could have spent  bit more time with his place names rather than choosing something as overused as these).  Her father has requested her presence and asks for her help in rescuing her younger brother from a lawless world where one of his treasure hunting schemes has gone awry, leaving him a hostage in the hands of a megalomaniac.

Catherine recruits a crew of mercenaries to help break her brother free, as this isn't exactly the type of mission her own crew normally encounters while escorting merchant vessels from planet to planet. Some very entertaining adventures ensue, and Kupari makes use of some nice little plot devices to make sure things fall out the way they need to.

Hope to see more of this sort of thing from him in the future.

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