Wednesday, January 14, 2015

As You Wish by Cary Elwes

 I'm afraid this is about the sweetest dish-free celebrity bio I've ever seen. I can accept that Cary Elwes is a genuinely nice guy who thinks the best of everyone, but I simply can't believe that the entire making of The Princess Bride went smoothly and without any conflicts between cast members, directors, crew, and so forth.It boggles the mind.

According to Elwes, Rob Reiner was the soul of goodness and light, Robin Wright was continuously noble, Andre the Giant was indeed a "gentle giant", and Mandy Patinkin was the most worthy competitor in the greatest sword fight ever filmed of all times.

About the only things even remotely untoward which happened were one of the little folks playing an ROUS who got hauled off to the clink for driving under the influence, and the incredible attack of flatulence which should have flattened the castle walls in the scene where Westley is recovering from being "mostly dead".

If you're a serious Princess Bride geek, however, this will be a good read, just to fill in the background and to learn some new trivia.

I had always thought that the names that the Man in Black and Inigo Montoya toss out during the sword fight were just made up, but it turns out that guys like Capo Ferra and Agrippa actually were master sword fighters who wrote treatises on the art of fencing. Very cool. Elwes and Patinkin actually spent nearly every spare moment they had over months of filming just training with a couple of master fencers and stunt men to get ready to film the best three minutes and twenty seconds of swashbuckling ever seen on film.

A fun, quick cotton-candy read.

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