Monday, August 11, 2014

Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead

 How does an author skillfully give us a core dump of all of the background information on a character who has lived for centuries, if not millenia? By having her kidnapped and trapped in the world of dreams by a pair of Oneroi (minions of Nyx, whom we encountered earlier in Georgina's saga) and forced to dream about events from the past, sometimes truthfully, sometimes falsely, that's how!.

As the story begins, Roman is now Georgina's roomie, following him saving the day when his father, the archdemon Jerome, was summoned and imprisoned by rogue demons within his organization. Seth and Maddie are getting married soon, and Georgina has been dragooned into being the fashion consultant for the big even and even, horror of horrors, a bridesmaid! There's a new succubus in town - ostensibly playing tourist, but more than likely up to no good, especially when she sets out to seduce Seth.

One of the charming things about these stories is the "humanity" of the immortals with whom Georgina associates. Cory the vampire has a HUGE crush on a Goth girl, and the vampires, imps and resident angel in town, Carter, gather on weeknights sometimes to play board games.

After a bad round of Pictionary,

"I left amid protests abut being a bad sport and considered myself lucky when Carter said they were going to play Jenga next."

It is to giggle.

I had high hopes that we'd finally get to the bottom of  the mystery of Georgina's contract, but we're left with the whispers of a dying man pointing us entirely in another direction. More fun and games will follow, I'm sure.

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