Monday, August 18, 2014

Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead

 I must confess, I knew where this story arc was eventually going to land about halfway through the first novel, but it was a long, strange trip getting there. Just when Georgina finally begins to believe she can enjoy some happiness with her lover, Seth, even though their affair has cost her her job at Emerald City bookstore, and most of her friends there. She's working part time as a Santa's helper at the local mall, trying to keep the Santa employed there from hitting the bottle too early and often, when she gets a formal notification from Hell of her pending transfer out of Seattle, to a much less sinful city, Las Vegas.

A great quote in the early going,

"...she (the archdemoness of Portland) demands we step up and prove what superior Hellish minions we are."

"How?" asked Hugh, looking mildly interested. "With a soul pledge drive?"
"Don't be ridiculous," said Jerome.
"'Then with what?" I asked.
Jerome gave a tight-lipped smile. "With bowling."

When she visits Vegas before her transfer, she finds that her old friend, the incubus Bastien, is there already, and the archdemon of Vegas, Luis, is one she has worked with before, and thinks is a great boss. There's a friendly and gregarious succubus there who welcomes her with open arms, and arranges for her to get a dancing job right away. It's just perfect.

In fact, it's too perfect. That gets Georgina, Roman and Hugh worried, and they begin to suspect that Hell has more serious and underhanded reasons for getting Georgina out of Seattle than either its natural capriciousness or her lackluster performance recently can justify. She also uncovers some evidence that points to Erik's death as a homicide by a Hellish assassin, rather than a burglary gone horribly wrong, and when a demon is involved in making Seth's sister-in-law suffer a relapse in her fight with cancer, well then, three times is enemy action.

When they finally get to the bottom of the matter it creates the crisis we've all been hoping for, to reveal what Mead has been up to with Georgina's story all along.

I have to admit, I seldom get teary-eyed over anything in urban fantasy, but this one had me a little misty at a few points. Good work.

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