Monday, August 25, 2014

Poison Promise by Jennifer Estep

 It seems to me as if the Elemental Assassin stories, since Gin Blanco defeated the uber villain, Mab Monroe, has become much like 1960s Batman or Green Hornet serial tv - each week a new and somewhat mediocre bad guy appears, and needs to be dealt with. Instead of systematically dismantling the criminal organization after removing its head, in some sort of sisterly teamwork with Bria, Gin just deals with each minor crisis as it comes, when coincidentally she stumbles into a situation that rouses her white knight instincts (inappropriate for a professional assassin, by the way).

When one of Gin's employees at the Pork Pit is being assaulted by a trio of drug dealers, the Spider steps in and leaves the thugs sprawled and retching on the sidewalk. But these three were minor players in the drug kingpin Beauregard Benson's organization, and when Gin later witnesses one of them being terminated with extreme prejudice by the boss himself, she ends up even more involved. As might be expected, there's a new, dangerous, and highly addictive drug on the street now, which is somehow being juiced up by magical means.

Gin's newfound reluctance to kill people unless they deserve it, either for attacking her, or for attacking her friends or family, keeps her from doing anything about Benson until it becomes clear that he will kill both her sister and her employee to keep them from bringing a criminal case against him. When she dashes off to rescue them from an ambush by the thugs, she ends up being captured and tortured, as expected, but finds an unlikely ally in the drug lord's lair who helps her to escape, so she can live to fight another day.

Hopefully Gin will take a more aggressive stance on taking out the garbage in Ashland in the next book in the series.

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