Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summertime, and the Livin' is...

The cucumbers are finally starting to come on strong, and I'm harvesting about a half dozen each morning. This means every few days it's time to can some dill pickles - it's best to work with the cukes while they are still nice and firm and crispy, so the end product has a chance of having that wonderful crisp, crunchy texture.

You can see the quick pickle recipe I use on my other blog Grandma's Recipe Books. Technically, you can eat these within a day or two, but I like to let them cure for at least a week, in the refrigerator. If the harvest keeps up the pace it's on right now, I may have to buy myself an old garage fridge to keep them in, so they stay as crisp as the Clausen dills you buy at the supermarket. I had a batch a couple of summers ago that were simply amazing - possibly the best kosher dills I ever tasted.

The tomatoes haven't come on fast and furious yet; there's just been an adequate amount to keep us in eatin' ones for lunch, dinner and snacks so far. Hoping to have a bumper crop in August so I can begin canning them. Usually like to put up a few dozen quarts and perhaps a dozen of salsa. Hot sun and a good water supply should do the trick.

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