Thursday, July 10, 2014

Internet access Gasp! at last!

Just so y'all aren't worried about my disappearance, a few photos from my travels.
America is alive and well in her small towns, folks. The Independence Day parade lasted nearly two hours, and everyone for miles around came to wave the flag in Rupert, Idaho. I was comforted by the spirit of our heartland.

It took a hundred or so of these wild mountain strawberries to fill this cup, but though they are small in size, they are ENORMOUS in flavor! I'd hate to have to survive as a hunter gatherer, but life's simple and natural pleasures can't be beat.

It's difficult to convey the scale of these house-sized boulders in the middle of Selway Falls, the roar of the water, or the crisp pine scent of the mountain air. I wish I'd been able to get a close up photo of the nearby quiet pool where we saw spawning salmon resting from their upstream journey.

This magnificent suspension bridge across Dworshak Reservoir at Dent, Idaho left me wondering which old Idaho pol's cousin owned the construction company. The Army Corps operates a very pleasant campground here, and some of the fisherman were pulling dozens of Kokanee salmon from the waters.

More another day, perhaps.

Stay cool, y'all!

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