Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Gorilla

I get regular newsletters from Amazon about sales on science fiction and fantasy ebooks for Kindle. I keep hoping against reason that when I go to Barnes and Noble, I'll find the same discount on their Nook version, but always seem to be disappointed. I realize that Amazon is the 900lb gorilla, and can dictate book sales prices to authors, but you'd think that B&N could do something to stay a bit more competitive. Those of us who bought into the Nook technology are paying the price for our loyalty.


Bob/Sally said...

I have the same issue with Kobo, but I've long since given up on price parity. Instead, I just buy the cheaper Amazon versions, download them through the Kindle app, convert them with Calibre, and then upload to my Kobo via USB.

Jon said...

Yeah, I have Calibre, too. I just hate going through the extra steps to convert things. One of these days I'll buy a tablet, install Nook, Kindle and FBReader on it, and never have to convert anything again.