Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead

 Several plot lines going on here. Georgina is surprised when an old friend, the incubus Bastien, arrives in Seattle to stay for a while. He has ambitions to compromise the leader of a conservative, family values, anti-gay organization (serious stereotyping, coupled with the idea *spoiler* that all such leaders have latent homosexuality issues). Georgina's coworker, Doug's band suddenly begins to experience amazing success - so much success that I immediately suspected someone of making a deal with the Devil, while Georgina, more familiar with the demonic organization, doesn't suspect a thing for quite a while. Georgina and Seth are trying to date while remaining celibate, so that she doesn't steal his life force through physical contact - even kissing is dangerous for them.

So, Georgina gets to spend much of her time trying to help Bastien with his plot, figure out what's gotten into Doug and his buddies, and try to stay out of bed with Seth. As one might expect in this second novel about our mild-mannered bookselling succubus, there are several very steamy sex scenes, so avoid this series if you're squeamish about these things.

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