Monday, May 12, 2014

Eat, Slay, Love by Jesse Petersen

 This was an extraordinarily quick read. No idea why. Dave and Sarah have decided to head for the Midwest Wall, which it is reputed that the government has built to contain the zombies and keep them from attacking cities in the eastern half of the country, as the disease began in Seattle and moved that direction. There are supposed to be scientists behind the wall, and they hope to deliver their vial of the zombie cure that they liberated from the mad scientist in Flip This Zombie.

On the way, they rescue a former tabloid journalist from being devoured by zombies, and reluctantly add her as a traveling companion. The three of them are captured by a bunch of rednecks in an isolated community and Dave is forced to enter a swimming pool full of about thirty zombies, where we discover for the first time that zombies totally ignore him. This seems to be because he was infected with the zombie virus before Sarah injected him with the cure, so he's gone part-zombie; all of the benefits and none of the downside.

Having lost their vehicle in their escape, and with Dave suffering a gunshot wound inflicted in the resulting chaos when he frees the zombies to attack the rednecks, they hole up in an abandoned hospital for a while, where they encounter an old but still zoned out former rocker who came for rehab and stayed for the zombie apocalypse. He's been pilfering the drug stashes to keep himself fried for several months, and he ends up tagging along with our heroes, too.

When they finally reach the Wall, things are not exactly what they expected, and instead of a rapid conclusion to the series when the cure is duplicated and all are made well, we're in for another installment, it appears.

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