Monday, February 24, 2014

The Truth of Valor by Tanya Huff

 What does a gunnery sergeant do when there's no longer a war going on, and she's been set loose on the universe? Well, Torin Kerr thinks she's going to enjoy a "peace dividend" of a long space cruise with her salvage operator boyfriend, Craig Ryder, introducing him to her family, getting to know his family and friends, learning the trade of CSO. Not so fast, there! No idyllic, out-to-pasture lifestyle will be forthcoming in this novel. When pirates attack a pair of salvage operators and steal a sealed Marine armory full of advanced weaponry reserved to the military, things get unpeaceful real quick.

Matters are further complicated when Craig and Torin follow a bum tip from an incognito member of the pirate crew and are attacked in the middle of a huge debris field full of good salvage material. Torin is knocked out by an explosion, and the pirates kidnap Craig in order to force him to help them unlock the CSO seals on the armory. They've already tortured one old salvage operator to death trying to get the information, so both Torin and Craig are aware that whether he decides to help or to resist, he could end up in a world of hurt either way.

The pirates, of course, haven't yet connected retired gunny Kerr with Craig's girlfriend whom they left unconscious in space, and it may prove to be a fatal mistake. When she recovers and drags herself back to Craig's ship, she starts a new and intense mission - find Craig and destroy the people who have captured him, no questions asked, no quarter given. She recruits Presit the journalist, who is very nearly one of Craig's friends by this point, to help, as well as a trio of her former marine buddies, and the pirate base is not going to have any idea what hit it shortly.

Great adventure and a good time is had by all...of the good guys.

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