Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of this blog. It certainly hasn't become the commercial success I thought it might be at the beginning; it's not even self-supporting through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Alibris links. The traffic I do get appears to come mostly from Russian spambots, but I do appreciate all of the folks who stop by every so often to check out the reviews and leave comments that aren't trying to sell me penny stocks or SEO.

Just under a thousand posts, and well under 100,000 visits over four years, the blog serves, for me at least, a couple of purposes:
  • I can check back here to see if I enjoyed a particular author enough to waste either time or money on their next book.
  • I keep track of my personal library online, so I'm able to check it from any antiquarian bookstore in the world, to make sure I don't double up buying something I already own.

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