Monday, January 20, 2014


In an interview with Parade magazine, gold medalist Dorothy Hamill says, "In life, I have struggled with knowing that I'll never be a world-class anything again. So I've tried to find a way to share the thing that I'm still most passionate about, ice-skating. I'm frustrated that I've never found another passion."(emphasis mine)

Wow! Most of us in this world would be perfectly happy to find just ONE thing that we are passionate enough about that it would motivate us to excellence, not to mention fame and fortune. To have the same passion throughout your lifetime would be a wonderful guiding principle, wouldn't it?

I've been frustrated, personally, with the whole "find your passion and success will follow" movement that has been popular for a while now. I can't think of any one thing that I love that much, or maybe I'm just too lazy to devote the 10,000 hours of practice Gladwell says is necessary for excellence.

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