Sunday, January 26, 2014

Off Topic

Orson Scott Card, noted SF author, and somewhat controversial figure, has a web site column titled Uncle Orson Reviews Everything (see my post on Levithan's Every Day for a little more detail. One of the products that got a ten thumbs up review from Card was Talenti Gelato. My wife and I stopped by Whole Foods the other day and picked up a pint of the Sea Salt Caramel variety. We had a bowl for dessert last night, and this is absolutely the best ice cream I've ever eaten in my entire life, without a doubt. I second Scott's endorsement. Go buy a pint!

Note: Talenti has not reimbursed me in any way for this endorsement, though I truly wish they had - the stuff is just a touch spendy at $4.99 a pint. Worth every penny. I would certainly accept a case or two for my freezer.

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