Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sammy Two Shoes and Billy Bellbird by Gavin Gosney

When my wife and I were traveling in New Zealand, we happened to stop in to a craft show in Howick, browsing for souvenirs, and met an author who has written a few books in a children's series about a cat named Sammy Two Shoes, which begins with Sammy Two Shoes and the Bumble Bee. We decided our granddaughter needed to have a new book to read, so we bought a copy of his second, most recent, story. I gave it a quick read not too long after we got home, and found it to be a cute story, marvelously illustrated and, if I were to return to New Zealand before she grows too old, I'd have to pick up some more books in the series, as they don't seem to be available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble yet.

Sammy Two Shoes - so named for her lovely white "powder puff shoes", is a very gentle, somewhat naive young cat, who is evidently unaware that birds and cats should not socialize. When she meets Billy Bellbird while on a stroll through her garden one day, her innocence pays off, as he decides that he can trust her enough to bring all of his bird friends by to serenade her the next day, affording her an experience no other cat has ever likely had, or will again.

There are a number of nice little lessons in the book about getting along with others, even with those whom we believe we shouldn't, and about using the gifts we all have to bring joy to others less fortunate, that I feel sure every child can profit from. Fun stuff, and I hope Sammy has lots more adventures to share with us.

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