Friday, May 31, 2013

May Winds Down

Things continue to be slow as far as reading and reviewing books goes. I spent the long weekend in the mountains, for the most part, and had only taken one book along, Kitty Rocks the House, which I finished the first night. I rummaged through the shelves at the cabin, and found a collection of Frank Herbert's short stories and essays from the early 80s, called Eye, which was interesting, but dated, being populated with Cold War spy stories and other paranoia. Had to reluctantly put that one back on the shelf when I left, so didn't finish it - maybe on my next visit.

Next, I overnighted at my parents' house, and found a collection of Essays, On Stories, by C.S. Lewis. I was minded once again of just how brilliant the man was - it's not the sort of thing one simply breezes through cheerily and without deep contemplation. Again, I had to leave my bookmark a couple of dozen pages in, and hope to return someday.

I leave you with a link to a book review by Andrew Klavan and some book-sparked meditations by J. Christian Adams.

I may have something new to say by Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

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