Friday, August 3, 2012

Way of the Wolf by E. E. Knight

I'm always looking for new authors and series to enjoy, so I picked up Book One of The Vampire Earth with a frisson of joy at my local library's bookstore. Knight was doing a fairly interesting job of telling the story of a future Earth overrun by psychic vampires and their sadistic minions, with the "resistance" taking the form of a ragtag army of American freedom fighters, hiding out in the woods, and then...

He lost me completely when he succumbed to a bunch of mystical bs about the transformation through "magic" of the main protagonist, David Valentine, into a Wolf Warrior, in touch with his pagan, animalistic roots in the dawn of history...yada yada. If you enjoy new agey claptrap, perhaps you can stomach it. I have better things to do...and read.

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