Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seawitch by Kat Richardson

Greywalker Harper Blaine has been hired by an insurance company to investigate the unexpected reappearance of a yacht which has been missing for twenty seven years, to see if fraud might be involved, though the claim was paid long ago. Of course, things begin to get weird rapidly, when she and Dective Rey Solis step aboard the boat, it's obvious to her Grey-tuned senses that the boat is haunted, and that some sort of magic ritual was performed there. The Guardian Beast gets involved, as well, and demands that she free the ghosts trapped aboard.

Richardson introduces some new paranormal elements in this story, notably the merfolk and the dobhar-chu, shapeshifting giant otters out of Irish legend. The investigation proceeds methodically at first, interviewing stale witnesses and trying to get more background on the owner and passengers of the yacht, who never did return to port. Complicating matters, her boyfriend Quinton's father appears on the scene to try to convince him to join him in some nefarious investigations of paranormal creatures.

Harper, Quinton and Rey, aided by an aging would-be pirate, must sail into dangerous waters to put this tale to rest. They battle a conjured storm, monstrous illusions, and the Sea Witch herself at the end. Lots of local color makes this one a great adventure, somewhat different in tone than earlier books in the series.

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