Thursday, August 2, 2012

Existence by David Brin

I used to read Brin's works enthusiastically. His Uplift Wars series was awesome, and The Postman was a masterpiece of postapocalyptic fiction. I picked up Existence expecting more of the same, and for some reason it never quite clicked for me, so after about thirty pages I regretfully closed its pages.

He appeared to be going for the same effect as William Gibson, Neal Stephenson or Bruce Sterling's near future worlds have achieved, but he started skipping around from place to place and protagonist to protagonist willy nilly and lost me. Even the prospect of finding out more about the mysterious alien artifact couldn't save my interest.
Oh well.


ProudHillbilly said...

Always annoying if you've paid full price for a book.

Jon said...

PH- The very reason I started writing reviews a while back was to tell my friends about books that proved Sturgeon's Law, so they could avoid spending their money on crap.