Monday, April 9, 2012

Seraphs by Faith Hunter

After the major battle with the Darkness under the mountain in Bloodring, and getting permission to remain out of the enclaves by the seraphs, Thorn faces a crisis in obtaining the approval of the townsfolk when a council meeting is called. She shows up with her champions, and ends up with the support of at least part of the town, disproving some of the false allegations about her.

Unfortunately, shortly after that, the town is attacked by a whole flock of succubi, who entice the townsfolk into public indecency, and all of the succubi look just like Thorn! The Darkness used some of her blood, taken when she was captive, to breed them. This threatens to throw her precarious position in town into doubt.

This aventure of the neomage includes one rather torrid and ill-advised sexual encounter between Thorn and her ex-husband, Lucas. But Lucas hasn't changed his philandering ways at all, though he professes to love her, and after some serious soul searching (tough for her since she doesn't have one), she throws him out of her house and bed once more.

Tension builds as Thorn slowly realizes she's going to have to return to the underground lair of the Darkness and fight to free a seraph, a cherub and one of the Fallen that are being held captive there, being used to breed more spawn that will soon invade the town.

Our heroine's powers are growing, and her realization that she must rely on her friends and allies to help her is growing, though reluctantly.

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