Friday, March 9, 2012

Revenant by Phaedra Weldon

Whew! This one is just all over the place! Someone is killing revenants, aka The Firstborn, aka vampires. The Firstborn were created by the first Phantasm to be his loving children, but something went wrong, and they've been hiding out for centuries (millenia, perhaps) by occupying the bodies of humans, needing to drink human blood every so often to maintain their unnatural state. The person responsible has discovered a partial spell that is intended to destroy them completely, but the missing piece leaves their essence/soul trapped within the decaying bodies, and one of the eldest revenants recruits Zoe to dispatch the soul of one of her ghouls (sorta like a human servant in other vampire lore).

Seems like every other chapter, we learn that one or the other of the characters in the books is not exactly who they seem to be, with some being possessed by revenants or other abysmal entities, and others just turning out to have hidden all-to-human agendas at cross purposes with Zoe and her allies. In the middle of Zoe's problems, her old boyfriend, Daniel, escapes from the psychiatric hospital, and she has to keep an eye out for him - he may still want to murder her.

We do find out a lot about the history of the Firstborn and the Phantasms Mark I and II, and delve a little deeper into the workings of the Society. Ultimately, though, this book is confusing and unnecessarily complicated.

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