Thursday, September 1, 2011

Unquiet Dreams by Mark Del Franco

Unquiet Dreams (Connor Grey, Book 2)
This is the second book in the Connor Grey series, and it keeps the story arc moving along well. Conner and Murdock are called in to investigate a murder where the corpse has been dropped from mid-air, which implies that some sort of flying being, if not the murderer, is somehow involved. Coincidentally, a wealthy philanthropist also dies on the same night in what appears to be a magical battle, and Conner and Murdock arrive on the scene to be immediately dismissed by agents of the Guild who are called to investigate. Conner, of course, believes that the two incidents are linked, and ends up trying to figure out what the tie-in could be.

One of Conner's mentors, Briallen, has designated him as her alternate on the Guild board of directors while she is on sabbatical, so he also gets dragged into some high level political wranglings in the city. The philanthropic murder victim, Alvid Kruge, was also a member of the board, and the selection of his replacement is high on the list of issues to consider. Conner hates politics these days, but seems to enjoy his role of monkey wrench in the works of the backroom deals.

With the help of the flit, Joe, and others, Conner eventually unravels the mystery, getting into all sorts of interesting scrapes along the way. There's a minor subplot of a developing flirtation between Conner and Meryl, his former coworker who enjoys giving him access to information from the Guild archives that he should be allowed.

A fun sequel. I'm looking forward to reading the third book in this series.

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