Friday, September 2, 2011

Deathwish by Rob Thurman

Deathwish (Cal Leandros, Book 4)
This is book four in the Cal Leandros series by Thurman, and it picks up just hours after the finale of Madhouse. The Auphe are back, and they desire nothing more than to torture and kill all of his friends and family in front of him before taking him back to Tumulus, their hellish parallel realm. There are not as many of them left as before Cal and Nik wiped out hundreds in an exploding warehouse, but the ones that are are vicious, fast, nearly indestructible...and female.

Nik's vampire girlfriend, Promise, finds a couple of odd jobs for the boys, one of which involves killing a sea serpent, way more than they bargained for, but they end up with way more financial rewards than they bargained for, in the end, so that works out well for them. She also asks them to investigate who is stalking an old flame of hers, Seamus, and they discover a secretive organization that tries to prevent ordinary humans from finding out about the supernatural creatures in their midst, called The Vigil.

Promise's daughter - did you know that in Thurman's world vampires reproduce in an ordinary manner, not by "conversion" as in other worlds? - Cherish, shows up with a major bad-ass magical being named Ososshi on her tail, trying to recover stolen property. She's as amoral as her mother is moral, and provides a lot of challenges for Cal and Nik while they're in the middle of trying to outwit the Auphe.

More good action, and some fun new directions for this series here. Gotta grab book five and see what's next!

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