Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madhouse by Rob Thurman

Madhouse (Cal Leandros, Book 3)
This is the third installment in the Cal Leandros series. Niko and Cal have allied with Promise the vampire in a preternatural detective agency, which manages to pay the bills for them, although Promise would be happy to play sugar momma to Niko. While handling a kidnapping case, they run across a number of bodies strung up in trees, which are not related to the original problem. A day or so later, Promise takes them to meet a Valkerie who works in the Metropolitan Museum, where the remains of a noted serial killer, Sawney Beane, have somehow escaped the exhibit space. It is feared that Beane has been resurrected and that he will begin a new killing spree. As Beane was known for hanging his victims from the ceiling of his cave, Niko and Cal realize that this case may tie into their previous one, as well.

It turns out that Beane is not your average killer, but is actually Red Cap, a supernatural being that draws power from bloodshed. He recruits or mesmerizes a huge number of revenants, and they join with him as he begins to terrorize Chicago. In the middle of all this, someone or some ones are attempting to assassinate their friend, Robin the hob, and they find themselves mired in that mess, too.

Cal is still avoiding the seer, George, as he fears that their love, if consummated, could breed another Auphe bastard. She refuses to look into their future together to see if it's truly a risk or not. So, instead of dealing with his problem, he begins an affair with a werewolf. Makes perfect sense, right? I'm sure George will be back in another adventure.

Dark, but witty and a good twisted tale.

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