Friday, July 15, 2011

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead, Book 1)
Crap. I don't know whether to list Zombie fiction as SF or Fantasy. Ah well. This book just had too hokey of a title for me to read it right away, after my friend Law bought it for the collection. The mood struck the other night, and it turned out I actually rather enjoyed it.

Sarah and David's marriage is on the rocks. They've been seeing a counselor, but making no progress. Just like Brangelina in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, they needed something earth shattering to motivate them to communicate, and they finally get it in the form of a zombie apocalypse. It seems that some researchers at the University of Washington near Seattle have allowed a zombie virus to escape, and it rapidly infects nearly the whole population - contagion by being bitten, of course.

First, they find their therapist busy chewing on the bodies of the couple that had the appointment just ahead of them. After they dispatch her with the weapons at hand, that couple comes to un-life and attacks Dave and Sarah, as well. They have to fight with the zombie security guard on the way out, and a zombie receptionist, too.

One of their neighbors from the apartment complex has gone undead on them, but his girlfriend remains unbitten, so they ally with her and grab all the guns and ammo out of the boyfriend's safe after dispatching him, and set out to find Dave's sister in Longview (hey, I've been there!). Plenty of typical zombie mayhem along the way, and I doubt there's anything new here for Z-afficionados.

However, the really clever thing about this book is that each chapter begins with a heading drawn from a marriage counseling book, such as:

"Balance the workload in your relationship. No one person should be responsible for killing all the zombies."

"Don't discuss your relationship problems with friends. Your zombie problems are another story entirely."

"Never go to bed angry. Terrified is OK."

I really have to post some of these on my fridge.

Fun. Quick. And there's a sequel.

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