Monday, May 30, 2011

Moonshine by Rob Thurman

Moonshine (Cal Leandros, Book 2)
Moonshine is the 2nd book in the Cal Leandros series. It continues along darkly, as might be expected. Cal and Nik are recruited by a Kin (werewolf) boss, Cerberus, to infiltrate the hangout of a rival boss, Boaz, allegedly to gather information. It doesn't take long, however, before it becomes obvious that something more devious is in play. Cal and Nik are unable to make a graceful exit from Boaz's headquarters, and mayhem ensues.

Shortly after that, Georgie the psychic from the ice cream parlor, whom Cal is beginning to realize he may have a crush on, is kidnapped. When Cal and Nik begin to poke their noses into that, they find that Cerberus is in possession of an artifact that a nasty character named Caleb wants, and he is holding Georgie hostage until Nik and Cal are able to steal it for him.

When they are finally able to steal the artifact, an Auphe shows up and steals it from our thieves. Cal and Nik thought all the Auphe were gone after their showdown  in the first book, but it turns out that there are still a few hanging around, causing trouble. Through their connections in the supernatural community they discover that there is another identical artifact that may be held by a group of gypsies - the same tribe that their mother once belonged to, and they set off on a road trip from hell to acquire it.

Still dark, action-packed, and creative, this continues to be amusing.

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