Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Warrior King by Chris Bunch

The Warrior King

Review written March 2000

The long-awaited, thrilling conclusion to the saga of Damastes a Cimabue and the wizard Tenedos! This series, beginning with The Seer King, rolling right along with The Demon King, and (I assume), wrapping things up nicely with The Warrior King, has been a riotous romp from start to finish.

WARNING: This series is not written for children. It contains scenes filled with graphic, gratuitous sex, violence and heretical thoughts!
On the other hand, the novels also contain some lessons on loyalty, patriotism, love, honor, duty and many of William Bennett's other virtues.
The Warrior King begins with the exiled Damastes being summoned to the capital of Nicias, ruled by the remnants of the Council of Ten. It seems that Tenedos, thought dead, has risen/returned to lead an army to attempt to reclaim his throne. The remaining councilors ask Damastes to lead the armies of Nicias against the ex-emperor. While he is considering this offer, one of his old enemies attempts to murder him, and in the resulting mayhem, Damastes escapes the palace and flees into the countryside.
Discovering some unlikely sources of aiding and abetting along the way, he makes his way to his family's estates in Cimabue, where he hopes merely to avoid all politics and war. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for the readers, neither the emperor nor the council will leave him alone, so he raises an army to defend his beloved country against domestic and foreign aggressors.
The Warrior King zooms right along, with plenty of battles, covert actions, magic and mayhem, double-dealings, triple-crosses, thrills and surprises. I enjoyed it, and only regret that it may be the last book of this series.

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