Monday, March 28, 2011

Unknown by Rachel Caine

Unknown (Outcast Season, Book 2)
In the second book of Outcast Season, Cassiel and Luis keep right on from where we left them, trying to thwart the evil former djinn, Pearl, who is kidnapping talented children and training them to be her mindless followers. The end game for Pearl is to force Cassiel to do that for which she was exiled, destroy the human race.

The romantic and sexual tension between Luis and Cassiel continues to build in this novel. I have to give Ms. Caine credit for not having her protagonists give in to their primal urges - that's a rare thing in the world of urban fantasy today.

The pace continues to be fast and frantic, with our duo racing to find the missing children and rescue them. The tough thing is that the children don't really want to be rescued. They've been brainwashed into believing that Luis and Cassiel are the villains, having been shown illusions of their parents being murdered by Cassiel.

Our heroes forge some new alliances, e.g., getting the FBI to help track down Pearl's fortresses in remote areas, and to participate in a raid on one of those compounds. Cassiel also convinces one of the New Djinn, Rashid, to help fight Pearl and her minions.

It's a good thing that Cassiel and Luis are able to channel power back and forth between them, as the number of times they're seriously wounded in a fight, and have to be miraculously healed borders on the absurd.  I'll keep forging ahead to find out how it all turns out, but I'm forced to suspend my critical faculties far too often while reading the series.

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