Monday, March 14, 2011

Labyrinth by Kat Richardson

Labyrinth: A Greywalker NovelIn Labyrinth, Harper Blaine returns from her harrowing ordeal in London to find that Edward, the vampire who sent her to England, has gone missing. What happens in London evidently doesn't stay in London, and the Pharaon of the asetem egyptian vampires, Wygan, is once again manipulating people and events for his unknown, but probably not beneficent, purposes.

Harper and her geeky boyfriend, Quinton, from the moment she arrives, are under attack from the asetem, and they can't remain at his bolthole or her condo, so they move in with Ben and Mara, hoping that the witch's wards and the new location will keep their enemies at bay. They are determined to find out what Wygan is really up to, and that trail will lead Harper, in and out of the Grey, to some odd places.

The tone of this book continues to be quite dark. Harper has come to realize that she may not survive her conflict with Wygan. Wygan has manipulated things so that she has been forced to become more and more a part of the weft and weave of the Grey, so that he can use her at some point to bring his plans to fruition. Harper's loyalty to her friends, such as Edward and Will, and even her father's ghost, may be her greatest weakness, but conversely her greatest strength.

One thing that was a bit distracting to me was the level of detail and descriptive writing about Harper's perceptions of the Grey. A necessary distraction, perhaps, but it did slow down the pace a bit more than I liked. Richardson sounds like she's going to continue this series, and I wonder what direction it will go after the conflict with her arch-nemesis has been resolved. Will she confront lesser monsters for a time, or will even Wygan turn out to have been manipulated by a deeper, darker evil?

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