Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty Goes to War (Kitty Norville, Book 8)
With this, the latest in the series to date, Kitty's story gets back into the bi-or-trifurcated plot lines we're more familiar with. Cormac gets out of prison on parole and begins a new life. Kitty gets a call from Dr. Schumacher from the Center for the Study of Preternatural Biology asking her to help out with a group of werewolf soldiers returning from Afghanistan with PTSD. Kitty gets sued for libel by the CEO of Speedy Mart, who may or may not be a weather wizard using his franchises for nefarious purposes.

Cormac has definitely been changed by his prison experience. He can no longer work as a bounty hunter, since parole boards frown on parolees who carry weapons. Kitty started sending him books to read while he was confined, and he seems to have taken the reading and studying to an addictive level - not a bad thing IMHO. Kitty and Ben decide to hire him to do a little detective work on her other problem with the lawsuit, and turn him loose.

The werewolf soldiers take up a lot of Kitty's time in this novel. The pack leader was killed by an explosion in country, and the pack dominance struggles that ensued left only three of the men alive by the time they returned to the States. Neither Dr. Schumacher or the military leadership know whether they can be successfully integrated back into society, or if they'll remain hopelessly violent and uncontrollable. Kitty, bless her heart, seems to believe that no one is beyond redemption, and meets with the group where they are being held at first, then tries to integrate the least violent two men of the trio into her pack activities. The last member is definitely guilty of murder, and will probably never be released from the special military prison with silver bars and other security measures.

The Speedy Mart CEO turns out to definitely be up to something, and Kitty, Cormac and Ben must figure out what it is before he can hurt Kitty, her pack, or perhaps even the city of Denver.

In this book, we see some more growing up for Kitty, a whole new direction for Cormac, and creep forward a bit in the creepy vampire political scene.

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