Monday, January 31, 2011

Short Takes

4/14/08 Started reading one of the books I got from my friend, Tim; Ordinary Heroes, by Scott Turow. May or may not review it, but it's a pretty good read so far - as can be expected from a writer of Turow's stature.

4/17/08 Finished reading Split Second, by Baldacci, in the afternoon, and began reading The Hour Game by him at bedtime. I'd figured out one of the twisty mysteries in Split Second pretty early in the book, and suspected who one of the bad guys was by about 2/3 of the way through, but it was a good read.

4/20/08 Finished reading The Hour Game by David Baldacci - pretty good - I had no clue who the bad guy(s) really were. Total surprise. Love that. Started reading Dynamite Alley by Klavan - pretty good so far.

4/21/08  Finished Dynamite Road and started Shotgun Alley, by Klavan. These recent reads are all from the box of books I got from Tim, free, so I can't make my usual determination of whether they're "worth" reading. Cheap entertainment.

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