Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Short Takes

1/17/08 Reading Karavans, the new novel by Jennifer Roberson (author of the Cheysuli and Tiger & Del series). It's a bit tough to get into so far - started off with too many POVs and doesn't seem to be eliminating them as quickly as I'd like. We'll see how it goes.

2/4/08 Got most of the way through Command Decision by Elizabeth Moon last night, and finished it off this morning. Leaves me slavering for Victory Conditions.

2/23/08 Started reading a book yesterday afternoon called Keeping Faith, written by a father/son combo, John and Frank Schaeffer. The son joined the Marines back in 99, and this is a journal of sorts of his journey through recruit training and the first year or so of his service. It was quite engrossing, and I made it a quick read by skimming past all the letters the father had written and the father's descriptions of his wife and his adjustments to being empty nesters and focused on reading the son's sections. (2/23/08)

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