Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short Takes

4/3/07 Finished reading a couple of Joel C. Rosenberg novels, somewhat along the lines of current events in the Middle East, with a slant reminiscent of the Left Behind series. Wasn't what I was expecting, and the action stuff was pretty unrealistic - the hero and heroine end up nearly dying of gunshot wounds in every book - I'm thinkin' they're not likely to recover from multiple wounds as quickly as the books would have it...anyway.

Reading a strange fantasy detective novel right now that's part of a series, the Inspector Chen stuff  - Chinese mythology linked.

4/6/07 Read a book, My Year inside Radical Islam,  by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, which was a little anticlimactic, but interesting.

4/7/07 Finished Snake Agent, the Inspector Chen novel, by Liz Williams, last night. A bit surreal, but amusing and clever. Finished Sword Maker, by Roberson, this morning. A good re-read, as expected.

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