Thursday, January 13, 2011

Short Takes

2/7/06 Wow! I just got done reading Elizabeth Moon's The Speed of Dark. She's written some pretty good fantasy and science fiction over the years, but they've all been mostly mind candy; fun for a few hours' entertainment. This book is actually deep, exploring the human condition, made me think. How to describe it? It's a near future story about an autistic man who has received enough therapy to get him to the point where he's able to be reasonably self-sufficient. He and a group of similar folks have jobs which take advantage of their pattern recognition skills and provide them with a supportive environment. The fly in the ointment is a new manager who wants to take away all their "special" privileges and to coerce them into participating in a new treatment program which will supposedly make them "normal." The book at first had me thinking, “Flowers for Algernon”, but it wasn't just a remake of the old classic. A definite "must read.

6/15/06 Read Dave Barry's Money Secrets - which was hilarious.

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