Thursday, January 6, 2011

Short Takes

11/9/05 Read an autobio by Trent Lott, pretty interesting, tho he breezes through about four presidents he worked with pretty quickly, then spends a lot of time talking about how unfair things were getting forced out of the Majority Leader spot. Maybe true, but I'd like to have heard more about the earlier stuff.

12/6/05 I just finished reading the latest Honor Harrington novel, At Any Cost. Absolutely riveting page turner. Some loose ends wrapped up neatly, but new story lines appearing, as usual. This series could continue for quite a while, given Weber's age. I'm missing a couple of the peripheral novels, written in the Honorverse, so I'll have to correct that oversight one of these days, but I did get the chance to read them via the public library, so it's not urgent.

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