Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kitty and the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville, Book 4)
Kitty and her pack member/boyfriend, Ben, are living in Pueblo when they get the call from Kitty's family. Her mother has a lump on her breast which may be cancerous, and Kitty decides she must return to Denver, despite the danger from her old pack alphas, Carl and Meg, to support her family at this time.

Coincidentally, Kitty turns out to be pregnant and suffers a miscarriage right as this is happening. This bit of subplot actually adds quite a bit of emotional impact to the book as a whole, but something about Kitty's cluelessness about the fact of her pregnancy in the first place didn't ring completely authentically to me. I mean, she's been having unprotected sex with Ben for how long? And when she starts feeling nauseous when she's ordinarily healthy as a, well, lycanthrope, that isn't her first thought? Minor was my first thought.

One of her old vampire friends, Rick, contacts her just before she leaves Pueblo and wants her to help him in his takeover of the city from its master vampire, Arturo. Though Kitty has a history with Arturo, and doesn't like him very much, she's unwilling to help at this time. She's still pretty much in run and hide mode after her bad experiences with the pack in Denver.

Kitty gets a call from an entertainer's agent, asking if she'd like to interview stage legend, Mercedes Cook, who has decided to "come out" as a vampire, and would like to do it on Kitty's radio show. This seems like a coincidence at the time, but it turns out that Ms. Cook is more devious than she seems at first, and stirs the pot quite handily in the vampire and were communities of Denver.

As you might expect, Kitty ends up getting dragged into the conflict, mostly against her will and better judgement. The entire novel, in my opinion, provides some much needed character development in the way of growing up and facing reality, that Kitty definitely needs. With the changing dynamics of this story arc, I'm most interested in seeing where the next novel takes us.

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