Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 10 Characters I'd be BFFs With

I don't ordinarily do a lot of memes or lists, but I got a kick out of seeing this posting by Kelly A. at Fresh off the Shelf, so I thought I'd give it a go:
1. Aragorn
2. Prince Rhodar "Silk"
3. Peter Decker
4. Jack Reacher
5. Miles Vorkosigan
6. Michael Valentine Smith
7. Dominic Flandry
8. Vlad Taltos
9. Tarl Cabot
10. R. Daneel Olivaw

Ok, so there's no female characters in this list. I haven't remained married for 27 years by having a bunch of women as BFFs, ya know.

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redhead said...

How cool! and just yesterday, when reading Lauren Beukes' Zoo City I was thinking to myself I'd totally wanna be BFF's with Zinzi, we have the same abnoxious sense of humor!

1. Zinzi December
2. Michael Valentine Smith
3. Vlad Taltos
4. Kvothe
5. Nana Osaki
6. Locke Lamora
7. Edward Elric
8. Nathan Brazil
9. Robin Hobb's The Fool (although I'm sure we'd fight a lot)
10. Agatha Heterodyne

dude BFF's, chick BFF's, been married 5 years, he's cool that I'm equal opportunity.