Thursday, November 25, 2010

Owlsight by Mercedes Lackey

Owlsight (Valdemar: Darian's Tale, Book 2)Owlsight, sequel to Owlflight, is a fair-to-middlin' piece of adolescent fantasy (no, no not that kind of adolescent fantasy!). We pick up the story of Damian a year or so after the last book and also weave in the tale of Keithra, a young healer in the village of Errold's Grove.

Once again, too much time has passed since I read the first book in the series, and it wasn't worth investing the time re-reading it to get the feeling for how this book fits into the larger tapestry of the Valdemar series, so I ended up reading this one in fits and starts. One of Lackey's problems in some of her recent fiction is the whole concept that all of the "good guys" in the story will somehow be reasonable and nice and live happily ever after, once their minor misunderstandings are out of the way. It seems as if, at one time, Lackey actually put together some really nasty villains in her novels and built characters with depth.

The more I read, however, the less I cared about how things turned out. The trials and tribulations of Damian's and Keithra's coming of age weren't all that exciting. I'll probably pick up the last book in this set, Owlknight, just to avoid a gap on the bookshelves, but I'll wait till it hits the used bookstores.

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