Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Basilisk Station by David Weber

On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington)Here is the book where the whole Honor Harrington saga begins. We first meet Honor as she assumes command of HMS Fearless, a refitted cruiser in the Royal Manticoran Navy which is testing new weapons design in mock battles. When Honor and her ship fail to live up to the expectations of the admirals in the R&D ministry, they are sent in disgrace to the backwater planet of Medusa and Basilisk Station.

The commander of Basilisk station is a political hack named Pavel Young, who has a score to settle with Honor from their days at the academy together. He takes the opportunity to set her up for failure by leaving the entire system under her command, woefully undermannned. However, he hasn't reckoned on Honor's determination to do the job, whatever it takes.

Under a series of incompentent commanders, Medusa and Basilisk Station have become a haven for smugglers and a center for subversive activities of the People's Republic of Haven, Manticore's enemies. Honor's creative use of the technology and personnel at her disposal soon brings smuggling activities to a crashing halt, earning her the enmity of powerful merchant princes whose ships are carrying contraband.

The PRH's tactics prove a little tougher to unravel and thwart, however. There's plenty of tricks, traps, and interesting twists that set the stage for all the Honor novels to follow.

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