Friday, November 26, 2010

Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey A. Moore

Inside the Tornado: Strategies for Developing, Leveraging, and Surviving Hypergrowth Markets (Collins Business Essentials)
Inside the Tornado was a book I picked out of a pile destined for the trash bin at work. (I feel like a "rescue" worker at the animal shelter sometimes) I took it to Portugal with me, but didn't get around to reading it there, as I was on the run from the moment we touched down, it seemed. Finally cracked it open a few weeks ago, and had mixed feelings about what I found there.

On the downside, it's horribly dated. This is a book about marketing strategy in the high tech business, and it was written in 1995. Unless Moore has issued a revised edition, with examples from companies that are major players in the market today, replacing the ones that have died a rapid death, the examples won't seem relevant. For example, he talks about the rosy future for a company developing and deploying inertial locator and tracking technology, and GPS has pretty well wiped out that market by now.

However, I worked in the high tech industry in that time period, and I could relate to some of what Moore shared in his book. Also, I think some of the principles still apply, so it wasn't altogether a waste of time to read, and I think marketers today could take them to heart.

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