Monday, October 11, 2010

Venom by Jennifer Estep

Venom (Elemental Assassin, Book 3)
The third in the Elemental Assassin series sure knows how to show a guy a good time! Gin Blanco is up to her usual murder and mayhem here. Jonah McAllister still suspects that Gin may have had something to do with the death of his son, and he enlists the aid of another of Mab Monroe's thugs, the giant Elliot Slater, to beat the truth out of her as this novel begins. Ironically, she is saved from being beaten to death by Slater and his giant goons by Monroe, herself, who can't believe that anyone would endure the type of beating they'd already delivered if she could say anything to make it stop.

Next, Gin finds out that Roslyn, the vampire madam of Northern Agression, is being stalked by Slater. As the story unfolds, we find out that he has a habit of choosing "girlfriends" whom he can intimidate, rape, and murder. His association with Monroe keeps him from being prosecuted for his transgressions.

A further twist is thrown into the web when detective Bria Coolidge comes to town to replace Gin's old flame, Donovan Caine. She's another crusader, and her gathering of information on Monroe's nefarious doings has put her on the list of Slater's targets. Bria also happens to be Gin's long-lost sister, whom she thought dead until recently. Gin needs to figure out how to deal with her sister, and how to break the news to her that Gin is alive, as well.

Her relationship with Owen Grayson is about to be taken to a new level, as well. At the beginning of the story, Gin isn't sure she wants to get involved with him, but agrees to a date...sometime. Grayson's dogged pursuit of her, and some interesting personal history of his own, however, force Gin to reveal more about herself, and become more vulnerable, than she'd intended.

Lots of good action, a good plot, and learning more about some of Gin's other friends make this a great read. Can't wait for Tangled Threads.

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