Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Press Release - Sanctuaried, by Roger E. Hawkins, Ph.D.

I haven't read this book yet. Just got the press release, and requested a review copy. When I get it, you'll all get the scoop - Jon.

Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod offers compelling analysis of the inner
sanctum of corporate power

New book by Roger E. Hawkins, Ph.D. is a revealing and often surprising analysis of over 700 corporate executives who strove for the high levels of corporate influence.

Charleston, SC - Oct 27, 2010 - What is it that separates the truly successful men and women who exist in the upper stratum of corporate environment from those individuals who almost made it?

Dr. Roger E. Hawkins, recognizing that professional success went beyond abilities and educational achievement, undertook a meticulously designed, two decade study of what he calls sanctuaried executives. The study included over 700 corporate executives who strove for the high levels of corporate influence, in both public and private corporations.
In his book, Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod, Dr. Hawkins breaks down his data and applies it to seven individuals. Through this study we learn important elements that contribute to success, and lead to membership in that inner sanctum of the corporate elite.

What do these sanctuaried executives have in common? Dr. Hawkins looks at the Significant Life Events (SLEs) that many experienced on their way to the boardroom. Using their experiences as a guide, readers are able to assess their own experiences and devise steps toward moving forward. So many individuals achieve that near-the-top status of upper middle management, yet cannot seem to break through the final barrier. With this book, barriers can be broken.

About the book:

Sanctuaried: The CEO Divining Rod by Roger E. Hawkins, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-1452865263
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: Oct 8, 2010
Pages: 150
S.R.P.: $16.99

About the author:

Roger E. Hawkins, Ph.D. is an industrial organizational psychologist with over 30 years of
experience in executive development, career planning, and organization and strategic planning. Hawkins received his doctorate from Illinois Institute of Technology in industrial organizational psychology. He recently published BLINDSIDED: Surviving Career Meltdown, for those displaced professional and technical women and men actively seeking employment.

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