Monday, October 18, 2010

Press Release - Oracle's Legacy by R.B. Holbrook

***I just received this press release today, and I'm waiting on a review copy of the book, so I'll let everyone know my honest opinion of the book as soon as possible.***

Oracle's Legacy: Children of SunR.B. Holbrook Brings Fiery Conclusion to Sci-Fi Trilogy -Oracle's Legacy: Dawn of Illumination Volume Three

North Carolina author R.B. Holbrook announced the release of Dawn of Illumination Volume Three of the epic Oracle's Legacy.

Garner, NC, October 18, 2010 - Oracle's Legacy is an inventive story about a secret civilization known as 'The Structure', which was formed in approximately 6000 BC in order to create its own tiered system of enlightenment for its inhabitants that live alongside humans.

The Structure's society is comprised of seven Houses that chase after enlightenment by achieving various levels of growth in a disclosed attempt to understand the nature of energy in modern day times. Unique tattoo-like 'energy seals' display each level as citizens face life challenges, battles, death and re-embodiment.

Andrew Ian Dodge, celebrated science fiction author of The Gathering Dark and other tales: A Sage of Wales Collection and other literary works said, ""If you are the type who likes your novels complicated and multi-layered then this would be apt for you...the patience will be rewarded."

Oracle's Legacy: Dawn of Illumination brings the trilogy to a fiery conclusion as the book opens with Ollie and Creed storming a Moon facility ultimately destroying the base. During their constant fight with Moon, Ollie loses control of her powers causing massive destruction to everything around her.

The only one who can stop her is Augustus Granger. Granger plays a key role as Ollie's love interest and has a world to organize before Moon or the Pillars destroy it. Ollie experiences weakness and enlightenment as she battles throughout the book to take down Moon and the Pillars to help protect the world.

R.B. Holbrook is thrilled to bring a dramatic end to her science fiction trilogy with Oracle's Legacy: Dawn of Illumination. The author said, "The three years with Oracle's Legacy has been an awesome ride. Although it is still fresh in my mind and will always be a part of me, I have already begun writing a new fantasy series." She refuses to reveal any more information about series. Readers will just need to wait.

About the book:
Oracle's Legacy: Dawn of Illumination Volume Three by R.B. Holbrook
ISBN: 978-0557240678
Date of publish: Oct 18, 2010
Pages: 456
S.R.P.: $24.00

About the author:
Author R.B. Holbrook resides in North Carolina and after earning her Master's Degree, she pursued a career in writing. Oracle's Legacy is her first science fiction trilogy.

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